Wed, Sep. 28th last day to book private October light settings

Wednesday, Sep. 28th at midnight will be the cutoff point to book private October light settings .

I am moving myself and a sort of travel-trailer-sized chunk of my materials, supplies, and inventory to Louisiana next month. I’ve been planning it and doing necessary preliminaries for a while, and things are finally at a point where it can happen.

This will enable me to help a family member with their land and crops and building projects, brush up on my ridiculously rusty French, fully immerse myself in the unique herbal and spiritual traditions of Louisiana (which has always done things its own damned way compared to any other state and which is still grossly misunderstood by most of the rest of the country), and deepen some ancestral ties. (Half my family tree has deep, deep roots in Louisiana, and I spent many summers there as a child, but I’ve spent comparatively little time there as an adult, and I’m excited to remedy that).

I can then apply the research and interviews I’ll be able to undertake there towards my work on A Bayou Hoodoo Herbal, which I was hoping would become a real book this year. That no longer looks realistic, but with this move, next year could be.

Admittedly, as it looks on the blog right now, Bayou Hoodoo Herbal doesn’t amount to more than a few social media posts. But I have *tons* of notes — decades of notes — waiting for me to flesh them out into actual English. I’ve just lacked the time and headspace to do that fleshing out. Once the dust settles, I should have a lot more time and headspace.

I don’t yet know how this is going to impact my currently available inventory. I really have to get in the space and see what I can realistically manage to cram into it. But I’ll be traveling back and forth between there and Alabama fairly regularly, so anything that’s unavailable for a little while is likely to be available again as soon as I sort out the logistics, or else I’ll publicly announce I’m discontinuing it or whatever.

My “field office” in Louisiana is only a few hours from here, so I’m not closing up shop. Currently-booked altar work and anything booked before Wednesday the 27th will not be interrupted. Monthly community altar services will not be affected, but it may take me a couple of weeks to get private services back online. I’ll announce it once they are.

And if you’ve been waiting *forever* for me to get back to you with a report or reading, and you’re rolling your eyes at what looks like my saying “a few more weeks,” I assure you that this is a move I’m consciously making in order to be able to safeguard and put firm, healthy boundaries around my time and energy, so that I can concentrate on what I need to concentrate on, which is my work, research, and clients. I’ve had way too much on my plate for a good while now, and this is going to function in many ways as a significant spiritual retreat, so I can get clear of a bunch of clutter and noise and get the most important things back into clear focus and good, healthy shape.

St. Cyprian Service Starts Tonight

Read more about St. Cyprian at Big Lucky Hoodoo.

Have your petition set with a fixed, dressed, blessed light on my St. Cyprian altar for a nine-day novena, chaplet, and community altar service for the Cyprianic Holy Days, September 17-25. 

I’ve been working with St. Cyprian of Antioch for almost 20 years now, but until recently, there has been very little information – or material from any of the many grimoires attributed to him – available in English. The past few years have seen an explosion of interest and information across numerous “occult subcultures” and some really smart people translating, publishing, and talking about this infamous saint. It’s honestly a really exciting time to be a devotee of St. Cyprian — the sorcerer saint, patron of the lovelorn, and refuge of the accursed — so if you aren’t already, why not introduce yourself?

Said to have been consecrated to the devil by his parents when he was 7 years old [*], Cyprian grew up studying and practicing the black arts, eventually setting up shop in Antioch as a sorcerer-for-hire. He tried every trick in the book to get the young Christian virgin Justina to give up her chaste ways, but no matter what demon or what magic he threw at her, she defeated it all by making the sign of the cross. Cyprian knew what the smart affiliation was at that point, as the legend goes, and he was baptized, renouncing his pagan sorcery. [*This is the version from the Golden Legend, Caxton trans.]

But other legends have circulated alongside those in the hagiographies – that his grimoires survived and have been in circulation ever since, that he ultimately renounced his renunciation of sorcery, that he never truly gave up sorcery at all. At any rate, this paradoxical figure has been popular globally, and most especially in the Spanish-speaking world, for hundreds of years, invoked by sorcerers for occult mastery and power, by tradesmen for help finding treasure, by lovers to secure the love of their targets, by diviners for psychic vision and necromancy, and by anyone trying to be free of mal ojo, crossed conditions, negativity, and bad luck. So you might petition St. Cyprian for:

– uncrossing and spiritual cleansing of people and/or places

– spiritual/psychic protection

– reversing of malefic stuff aimed your way

– love work, especially (but not only) of the compelling or intranquil type

– divination, psychic vision, necromancy, and other occult studies and practices

Lights will be set the night of September 17. There is some wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts as long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn’t say “sold out.”

Read more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

Mercury Rx Remediation Service

(I managed to not hit the confirm button on this post yesterday! Sorry, y’all!)

Read more about the Mercury Rx service or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

Work begins on Thursday, September 8th. Since this service will be ongoing for the entire time Mercury is retrograde, you can book at any time as long as you still see available slots (which, barring an unusual surge of interest in this service, will be through the 3rd of October).

If there’s one bit of astrology beyond sun sign that everybody knows about, it’s probably Mercury Retrograde. This infamous event happens three times a year, and since Mercury rules things like communication, travel, negotiation, legal stuff, contracts and agreements, it can wreak havoc on all kinds of important areas in your life. So stay in bed, wear fuzzy slippers, don’t sign anything or buy/sell anything, don’t start any new relationships or go on any trips, and for the love of God, don’t touch a computer, or Mercury will nuke your life.

Or so the popular wisdom in some circles goes, anyway 🙂

Not only is that not possible or practical, it’s also not even necessary. Mercury retrograde can be a bit overblown in the “public imagination,” and as with anything astrological, how much it affects you and how will depend on your personal natal chart and what areas in it Mercury is affecting.

You can also learn more about the monthly community honey jar services or the next round of Protection/Reversing work starting up soon.

Having said all that, I still probably wouldn’t buy a new computer while Mercury is retrograde if I had a choice 🙂 But Mercury Rx does affect some of us more than others and will sometimes affect us more than usual, and we very often do not have a choice when it comes to things like contracts, technology, court dates, travel, etc.

If you find Mercury Rx tends to wreak havoc in your life, or you have an important Mercury-ruled event coming up during the retrograde period that you cannot control the timing of, or you just want a little added peace of mind during this transit, that’s what this community ritual service is designed for.

Please note that community altar work services do not come with individual readings/reports, though I will answer questions and join conversations happening on the private client Discord server. That’s also where I’ll post photos of the work, and participants get a link to my client calendar, as well.

Read more about the Mercury Rx service or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

St. Raymond Nonnatus and Community Honey Jar Services Start Tonight

This work begins the night of August 31, the feast day of St. Raymond Nonnatus, but there is some wiggle room and you absolutely can book late, as long as you see slots still available.

St. Raymond Nonnatus gets his name — which means the not-born — by virtue of his being delivered by C-section. Considering this happened in the early 13th century, it was quite an unusual event (and doubtless quite grisly), but his poor mother died in childbirth and this was the only way Raymond could be saved.

This is where his patronage of pregnant women, childbirth, midwives, and babies comes from. But as is typically the case, there’s a whole slew of additional lore and tradition that has sprung up around him that accounts for many aspects of his veneration today, as in ages past.

He’s sometimes pictured with his lips padlocked shut. This happened when he was in North Africa to ransom captured and enslaved Christians, which was the primary purpose of his religious order, the Mercederians, Members of the order would offer themselves in place of the Christian captive if they couldn’t meet the ransom demands of the Moors. This is how Raymond found himself in prison, held by captors who were not at all interested in being preached to or converted. Apparently he tried anyway, and the padlock was their response.

The link with gossip and covering the mouths of slanderers came about from popular associations with this iconography, so people petition him for help to stop gossip and slander and to silence their enemies and opponents (especially in court case work). This usage overlaps with peaceful home work in a lot of cases, where some element of gossip, slander, backtalk, or nagging is contributing to the lack of peace in a home, and I’ve seen him petitioned for this most often.

The second most popular usage I’ve encountered is probably money drawing/job-getting tied with peaceful home issues that don’t overlap with gossip/slander. Pregnancy and childbirth probably run a very distant third. (St. Gerard seems to have largely cornered that market among the folk practitioners I’ve talked to.)

Nonetheless, St. Raymond can be petitioned on issues relating to any of these. As with many saints, it’s traditional to thank him publicly for his intercession when he works for you.

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

current clients: short-fuse talisman opportunity

If you’re a current client (meaning you’ve got a service booked with me, are having spiritual work done, are participating in the community honey jar services, have a reading or consultation booked with me, etc.), head to the Discord server for a talisman opportunity. It might be especially of interest to you if you need to protect assets, if you live in a sketchy neighborhood, if you’re in a brand new relationship (to include friendship), or if you have to lie for a living or have to be less than honest with some agency or entity in the near-ish future.

If you are interested but aren’t a current client, you can always book a spot in the community honey jar service for success/prosperity or relationships, which start tonight and I’ll count it 🙂

not-BS spotted on tumblr: lab-grown gems with a side rant on so-called “closed practices”

I have an entire category on this blog for “BS spotted on Pinterest,” under which I also post BS spotted on tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Tumblr has lots of BS. I’m especially (not) fond of the posts about hoodoo that copy/paste or screenshot or quote a portion of a book and then close with stuff like, “remember, kids, if you weren’t born into this culture/aren’t the right race or ethnicity/are trying to be a convert/whatever, it’s appropriation: Do Not Touch because it’s a closed practice” and similar such BS bits of racist, essentialist, historically ignorant, anthropologically blind, genealogically clueless posturing, gatekeeping, and virtue signaling.

(Clue brick: an entire culture can’t be a closed practice. That doesn’t even make sense. Unfuck your muddy thinking and imprecise language, or you are just part of the problem. Full disclosure: If I never see that bullshit neologism “closed practice” again it will be too soon. I especially don’t want to hear it about hoodoo from non-Southerners, ’cause those folks tend to get the South wrong all the damned time.[1])

But tumblr has some not-BS occasionally, and it’s only fair that I point that out every once in a while, too. So here I bring you some not-BS from tumblr.

I posted the whole thing so you’d have the context, but the spiritual folks and magicians and such reading along should have a pause and think about this last bit I’m emphasizing here. I’m not telling you what to do – I’m just suggesting we all give the underlying principles at work here some genuine thought. Resist sloppy thinking and false dichotomies and think about your theoretical underpinnings as a practitioner.

(And, you know, your ethics.)

[1] Yes, cultural and religious appropriation is a thing, and it’s a thing we should care about. I’ve written about it here and especially on Big Lucky Hoodoo. But this BS, ignorant, imprecise bumper-sticker preachy virtue signaling crap I see on tumblr constantly is just ridiculous, and it’s so incredibly off-base sometimes as to actually contribute to the freakin’ problem. More on this in the near future.

On karma, crossed conditions, and remediation

This is a slightly edited version of a reply to a client in a convo that touched on uncrossing work and the concept of karma. It is necessarily a vast oversimplification, but it is probably more easily accessible and definitely less of a rant than other things I have written about karma here or on Big Lucky Hoodoo.

This is coming to you from a rootworker *and* from a woman who was given the name Karma at birth lol… so despite the fact that hoodoo has no conception of karma at all, being a folk magic practice based in Christianity, I do know a little bit about the concept 🙂

The concept of karma in Buddhism depends on reincarnation or transmigration or rebirth as one of its fundamental tenets. I am vastly oversimplifying a complex concept with an incredibly extensive history of development, but there are a number of important implications here that I’ll just mention.

– The concept is incompatible with scriptural Christianity.

– One’s karma is not just about one’s actions in this lifetime. That means our ability to understand how our karma stands or how it’s playing out is incredibly limited from our temporal, limited human perspectives, based as they are in our current lifetime. The very situations we find ourselves in in this lifetime, indeed the personality and character that we have in this lifetime, are shaped and directed by actions we took that we no longer remember, from a different time and place, in a different lifetime. So Karma does not mean “as you sow, so shall you reap” in the way most Westerners mean it. It definitely does not mean “as you do in this lifetime, that will be done to you in this lifetime.”

– Uncrossing work cannot free you from karma. That’s not how karma works. *Karma is not a crossed condition.* The word itself in Sanskrit means “action.” You have accumulated merit (or lack of merit) based on *your actions* (which can include certain kinds of thoughts). Demerits can’t be zapped out of existence, but they can basically be overwhelmed or outweighed or balanced by meritorious actions. And intention matters. The Buddhist definition of karma could possibly most fairly be rendered as “intentional action.”

– This is not to say they must always be YOUR actions; acts of merit can be dedicated to someone else, such as an ancestor, and someone could dedicate their acts of merit to you.

– In Buddhism, you could perhaps fairly say the whole point is to ultimately arrive NOT at a state where you’ve accumulated more merit than demerit, contrary to popular belief, but at a state where you are karmically neutral. Then you no longer feed into this cycle and no longer have to suffer rebirth. You basically *no longer have karma* at that point. This is probably the biggest point on which Buddhism deviated from the earliest Hindu conception of karma, which could arguably have been boiled down to something like the familiar “good deeds get you into heaven; bad deeds send you to hell.”

Now I don’t say this to be a bratty pedant or because I like to go around telling people they’re wrong. I say this stuff because the concept of karma that Westerners have kind of absorbed as part of popular culture can be limiting, even harmful. In fact, it can be *profoundly damaging.*

For myself, I’m fairly agnostic on the matter and on exactly how it would fit in, if it even did, with concepts of the afterlife and human and nonhuman spirits and ancestors and all the rest. I think most Western non-Buddhists should just stop using the word, because most Western non-Buddhists don’t know what they’re talking about. Those who are truly committed to the concept have, I believe, an obligation to understand it fully and as accurately as possible. And to those people, I would also emphasize meritorious/virtuous action as being at the core of anything you might call “karma remediation.”

So if this is you, it’s actually good news, I would think, because while Uncrossing is not the answer, good deeds, on the other hand, can actually get you somewhere 🙂

In some branches of Buddhism, meditation on a certain aspect of the Buddha can purify past/existing karma. In quite a few branches of Buddhism, confessing of misdeeds and a resolve to do better going forward can purify karma. It maybe isn’t too much of a stretch to map that (loosely) on to practices like Reconciliation and Penance in the Western Christian tradition, with Penance taking the form of some kind of service or donation or deed to benefit someone else rather than any kind of self-flagellation or internally-directed suffering or anything. Suffering is definitely not the point with karma, and in fact the whole goal is to get to a point where you can leave that suffering behind.

It’s kind of hard to explain both accurately *and* succinctly. I have a relatively recent blog post that goes into just a sliver of what the Hindu and Buddhist scriptures have to say about karma if you’re interested in that (though there’s also ranting):

questions you’ve asked: bunch of folks should just stop using the word “karma,” period

St. Martha Altar Service Begins Tonight: Steady Work, Fair Pay, Balance of Power, Peaceful Home, Domination

Big Lucky Hoodoo

This work begins the night of July 29th,the feast day of St. Martha, but there are several different modes of different lengths running concurrently here,so you absolutely can book late,as long as you see slots still available for the service you’re interested in.

St. Martha in the Bible

Famously depicted in the Bible as getting stuck with all the cooking and cleaning while her sister Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to him teach, St. Martha is the patron saint of servers, cooks, domestic workers, housewives,  and those in the hospitality industry – those who are behind the scenes making important things go even when nobody notices.

Her devotees will call on her for intercession when they need steady work, especially in these fields, or when they are having difficulty with their work, for instance if pay is slow in coming or a boss or manager…

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