Current & Upcoming Services

I can’t get my software to play nice so I can make an updated photo/graphic of altar work services. I’m gonna have to try again tomorrow. But here’s a list for now of what’s ongoing/upcoming:

Relationship honey jar – April 24 – May 19

Prosperity/Success honey jar – April 24 – May 19

Mercury RX remediation – April 21 – May 14

St. Expedite service – April 19 – April 25

St. Joseph the Worker service – May 1 – May 9

Jesus Malverde service – May 3 – May 9

Protection/Reversing service – May 6 – Jun 1

St. Expedite service starts tonight

Have a glass-encased vigil light fixed, dressed, blessed, set on my St. Expedite altar, and burned for you in a community altar work service for this famed and beloved patron saint of fast results.

St. Expedite’s feast day is April 19th, and while you can petition him any day of the year, you might be able to get a little extra bang for your buck on his feast day. 

But beyond that, his feast day would be an excellent time to thank him for for previous services rendered if you already work with him but don’t have the time/space to do anything very elaborate with altars or offerings. Or if you are thinking about working with him and haven’t established a relationship yet, this would be a great opportunity to “introduce yourself.”

In addition to being the saint one petitions for fast results and luck in a hurry, St. Expedite is also the patron saint invoked against procrastination. He’s called on to help break through blockages and end delays, so his help is often sought for matters needing Road Opening and Blockbuster-type work. He’s also the patron of computer programmers. 

Lights will be set and offerings will be made beginning the night of Wednesday, April 19th. There is some wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts as long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn’t say “sold out.” The service fee covers the cost of your candle and appropriate food, beverage, and flower offerings.

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