14 Holy Helpers Oil + 15% off Blessing/Healing formulas, 2 days only

The Fourteen Holy Helpers are saints or holy figures who were petitioned in medieval Europe during the terror of the Black Death. Also known as the “auxiliary saints,” they were called on as a group for protection from a variety of illnesses and troubles that would strike both people and animals. Their popularity continues to this day.

While you will occasionally see variations in a few of the names depending on region, the “standard” 14 Holy Helpers and their particular areas of specialty are as follows:

  • Agathius – headache, agonizing pain
  • Barbara – fever, sudden death, fire
  • Blaise – illnesses of the throat and protection for domestic animals
  • Catherine of Alexandria – sudden death, diseases of tongue
  • Christopher – plague, sudden death, and temptations while traveling
  • Cyriacus – temptation on one’s death bed, eye disease, possession
  • Denis – headache, demonic possession
  • Erasmus (aka St. Elmo) – intestinal and stomach troubles
  • Eustace – family discord and strife, fire
  • George – domestic animals, boils, lesions
  • Giles – plague, for good confessions, for the maimed and beggars, epilepsy, mental illness, nightmares, panic
  • Margaret of Antioch – childbirth, protection from devils, headache, backache
  • Pantaleon – physicians, midwives, against cancer and TB
  • Vitus (aka St. Guy)- epilepsy, lightning and storms, protection for animals and from animal bites

I released this oil years ago as part of an expanded line of blessing, uncrossing, and protection formulas, having no idea at the time that we’d one day be facing a sort of modern plague of our own. So I figured now’s a good time to make another batch of this stuff.

One of those multi-use spiritual oils that’s worth keeping in the supply cupboard because one little bottle does so much.

Enjoy 15% off tangibles in the Blessing, Healing, Protection, Uncrossing, Spiritual Cleansing, and Saints/Spirits categories on any order totaling $20 or more, at Seraphin Station or at Etsy. Offer good now through midnight CST on Monday the 17th. Discount is automatic – no coupon code necessary.

Read more or order now at Seraphin Station.

N.B. Not a medicine and not a substitute for proper medical treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

Mercury Retrograde Service (Jan 13-Feb 3)

Work begins on Thursday, January 13th. Since this service will be ongoing for the entire time Mercury is retrograde, you can book at any time as long as you still see available slots (which, barring an unusual surge of interest in this service, will be through the 3rd of February).

If there’s one bit of astrology beyond sun sign that everybody knows about, it’s probably Mercury Retrograde. This infamous event happens three times a year, and since Mercury rules things like communication, travel, negotiation, legal stuff, contracts and agreements, it can wreak havoc on all kinds of important areas in your life. So stay in bed, wear fuzzy slippers, don’t sign anything or buy/sell anything, don’t start any new relationships or go on any trips, and for the love of God, don’t touch a computer, or Mercury will nuke your life.

Or so the popular wisdom in some circles goes, anyway 🙂

Not only is that not even possible or practical, it’s also not even necessary. The uproar over Mercury retrograde is a bit overblown in the “public imagination,” and as with anything astrological, how much it affects you and how will depend on your personal natal chart and what areas in it Mercury is affecting.

Having said all that, I still probably wouldn’t buy a new computer while Mercury is retrograde if I had a choice 🙂 But Mercury RX does affect some of us more than others and will sometimes affect us more than usual, and we very often do not have a choice when it comes to things like contracts, technology, court dates, travel, etc.

And this one might wreak a little more havoc than usual, since Mercury is squaring up with Uranus, and Uranus is retrograde right now, so shakeups and the unexpected are kind of on the menu.

If you find Mercury RX tends to wreak havoc in your life, or you have an important Mercury-ruled event coming up during the retrograde period that you cannot control the timing of, or you just want a little added peace of mind during this transit, that’s what this community ritual service is designed for.

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

January Prosperity and Relationships Honey Jars

January honey jars start tonight, for Love/Relationships and for Prosperity/Success/Income. The prosperity jar is Pay What You Can.

Community altar work services focus on a particular goal or area and have a limited number of “seats” for each working. They are a great compromise between big workings open to any number of folks (inexpensive but with little customization available) and hiring a worker to do 100% custom, private services just for you (completely tailored to you but often considerably more expensive since the costs of time and materia magica are not being shared by more than one person).

Learn more or book now at Seraphin Station.

Moment of Truth: Mercury conjunct Venus and Pluto Service

Lights will be set beginning on December 29, but the effects of this transit will be felt for some time yet, so there’s definitely wiggle room with booking late. 

Normally, Mercury conjunct Venus is great – we can be smooth talkers, communicate clearly with business associates and loved ones, confess our love for someone, even “pop the question.”

But Venus is doing a long sojourn conjunct Pluto this season (for most of December, and the cycle won’t be over until March), and Dec 29-30 are something of a trigger point for an acute phase of this transit. And Pluto? Pluto wants to peel back our layers just about down to the bone so we can face the really deep shit that makes us tick. Taken all together and shaken not stirred, the simplest way to describe this sort of energy is probably “Scorpionic.” On steroids.

You want to rip off the bandage, rifle through the disavowed junk drawers of your psyche, figure out why you are attracted to a certain type of person, why you repeat a certain type of pattern, even why you like a certain type of thing in bed? Want to sit down and grill your significant other about deep and foundational elements of your history and dynamic together, no matter how uncomfortable? Super! This transit is perfect for you and wow, are you ever gonna learn a lot.

Not quite ready to wrench the door off the closet and greet the psychic skeletons all at once? Is digging for the “truth” at any and all cost not your cup of tea, and maybe you’re more of a one-trauma-at-a-time versus let’s-dump-the-whole-suitcase-out-right-now type? Are you feeling a little more John than Sherlock where it comes to emotions and dynamics [BBC versions]? Then pay attention and tread carefully.

This is dark stuff in the realm of Venus – what folks sometimes call “shadow work,” and all about what makes us tick in terms of our subjective experiences, likes and dislikes, what we find pleasure in, what is at the root of various feelings we have. Of course it doesn’t have to be catastrophic – much depends on us and our development and our own natal chart stuff. And this can be an opportunity to finally really grok some things and get at what we really want (and Pluto would generally like to inform us that if we think we already know this, we are wrong, and he has some revelations for us… and Pluto’s revelations are rarely kind and gentle). Pluto’s transformative power is immense, and Pluto aims to transform our minds and our hearts so that there are no secrets between them.

But the light side to all this shadow is that we can come out of this with profound new self-knowledge that enables us to transform our relationships – with ourselves, with money, with others – and it’s the kind of knowledge that can enable us to truly and efficiently “cut and clear” so that we aren’t wasting our energy and time with things that no longer fit or serve well. And then, of course, we can turn that energy and time towards what will in 2022.

This service is designed to help you navigate this Plutonian guidance with grace, equilibrium, and compassion (for yourself as well as others).

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

Lucky Stars Sweet Jar returns – Jupiter in Pisces Community Altar Service

Jupiter’s at home in Pisces – you could call it his command center or throne room, even – so this is great big benevolent Jupiter energy:  wisdom, expansion, opportunity, dreams, the intuitive search for the truth, spirituality. It’s a wonderful, much-anticipated transit after the strain, drama, and restriction of 2020-2021. Jupiter in Pisces is just plain lucky – an excellent “good luck charm” transit. It’s a great time to ask the universe for what you want.

This service has Pay What You Can options.

Learn more or book now at Seraphin Station.

Water of Life Oil

I’m publishing this review because, yeah, it’s a great review, but this isn’t purely self serving! What’s so cool here is they took time to explain how they use it, what particular effects they’ve seen, what their experience has been, and how they suggest people new to the formula consider using it.

This is especially valuable with a formula like Water of Life, which is an original biblical/esoteric oil rather than a traditional hoodoo formula, so there isn’t a whole body of already-existing knowledge and tradition and lore surrounding it and its usage. So this kind of first-hand feedback is extra valuable.

Thanks for sharing, M!


I can’t recommend this oil highly enough! This is a a pièce de résistance from a master of the art of formulation in our generation. While the energy is soothing, the effects are profoundly powerful. I have found in using oil that events cease rushing to their inevitable, logical conclusions. Instead, space is created for unimagined possibilities where none existed before. Choice becomes possible. Change becomes possible. Outcomes are… asymmetrical. I have yet to correctly predict where the openings in situations would arise nor the direction it will subsequently take, but I will say, things work out better than I could plan. I haven’t used Water of Life to it’s fullest potential, but I recommend it as an anointing oil and to dress candles. It affects people in my proximity without physical contact. You don’t need to be a Christian to use it. Lastly, I suggest slightly open-ended petitions and not insisting on particular details that aren’t of consequence nor assuming at the outset you know the best means to your intended end.

M. Moore from Kansas City

Water of Life is a biblical anointing oil for blessing, healing, hope, and divine help. It’s inspired by Revelation 22, which says,

22:1 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him. They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.

(ESV translation)

This oil is created using traditional biblical perfumery ingredients to evoke the promise of Revelation 22: no more curses, no more darkness. When God’s servants can see his face, the darkness ceases to exist.

Use this oil when you need a radical change of perspective, when logic won’t work and you need something big enough and paradigm-shifting enough to lift you out of a dark night of the soul and remind you there will be light. You can use Water of Life to remove curses and spiritual darkness, to bring peace and emotional healing, and to invite or focus the gifts of prophecy and angelic communication.

Adam & Eve Root: Rant + a Crash Course in Corms

Big Lucky Hoodoo

Cover image adapted from Corms by Gerrit Davidse, CC by NC SA.

Breaking with my usual practice, I am NOT going to cite this source, because the whole point of this post is how incredibly freakin’ stupid it is, and in any case, what we have here is one plant-ignorant person posing as an expert and printing bullshit who has copied this misinformation from some other plant-ignorant person posing as an expert, so it’s a whole serpent-eating-its-own-tail type of mess and there’s definitely not a single guilty party to point to as an originator. [1]

And my goal here is not mockery for its own sake – rather, it’s for you to not spend your hard-earned money on bullshit but to educate yourself so you don’t uncritically accept whatever you see on eBay and Pinterest. (Or in books on Amazon by self-proclaimed hoodoo experts.)

Here’s the recently published…

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Current and Upcoming Community Altar Services

Big Lucky Hoodoo

Lots of radio silence lately due to dealing with some chicken issues; getting hit with a round of bot signups I have been learning how to deal with and clean up; the learning curves on the latest apps and integrations to figure out how to make communication channels and order processing as bulletproof as possible; and trying to get caught up on the backlog resulting from communication channels and order processing NOT being bulletproof as of yet.

But monthly community altar services for relationships, prosperity, and protection/reversing are still ongoing, and there are still Pay What You Can options for some of them.

St. Lucy‘s feast day is coming up with a novena and chaplet service, and later on this month the Lucky Stars Sweet Jar for Jupiter’s return to Pisces will make a comeback!

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

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cut-up technique with Carolina Dean

This is a petition paper crafted by Carolina Dean using the cut-up technique that I’ve been meaning to bring y’all’s attention to. He’s done quite a few of them but this is the one that caught my attention at first and prompted me to ask if I could quote and use it as an example.

I love this so much, as a rootworker and as a former literature professor. I think the technique is really powerful on a number of levels. Of course it’s a petition/prayer and depending on how you structure it, an affirmation. And the construction of a petition paper is a ritual in itself, of course.

Now a lot of people don’t see it that way because it’s (apparently) simple, and to their minds, “real” spells and rituals are “fancier” than that. Like so:

“I need a spell to use this oil in.”

“Dress a candle with it and set it on a petition paper.”

“But I need a spell.”

“Sweetie, that *is* a spell.”

“No, you know, a *real* spell!”

“Fine. Hot glue a quartz crystal to your forehead, anoint both elbows and one foot with coconut oil, sacrifice a bouquet of kale with a plastic sword toothpick (must be red), and read the first three and last two stanzas of this Emily Dickinson poem. Widdershins.”

“Is this voodoo?”

“Yes, baby, it’s voodoo.” [thud]

So a petition ought to take a while. It ought to take thinking. It ought to need more than one draft. And this technique builds in that thinking time and the act of selection and all the other elements that it ought to have anyway but often doesn’t.

And then less obviously, perhaps, it can itself be instructive, even oracular, as we search for the “found elements” that will make up our petition/prayer. I mean, sure, you can think of the process as related to bibliomancy in a way, but think about this, too: How far did we have to go to find the right words? Are we surrounded by them in our homes and spaces? Did we have to look far to find the right words, or were they already around us? *What are we surrounding ourselves with already* right now? What are we reading? Repeating? Internalizing?

And then there are the messages/words/statements/prayers that aren’t purely from a separate source and aren’t purely our conscious creation but are a result of the interplay between both – something new. Exactly like writing a poem or writing fiction, we can surprise ourselves with what we put down on the page when we get rolling if we just get out of our own way. We might discover an angle of something we hadn’t been consciously aware of before, or we might even answer our own questions sometimes.

Are there any messages *for* us in what we’re creating? Any new perspectives or avenues emerging that we couldn’t see or hear before?

And a lot of folks have a lot of trouble making space in their lives to sit and create in that open-ended sort of way where it isn’t all deadline- and goal-driven, end-product-driven. And I think not having at least a little regular space for that kind of expression in our lives is soul-stunting (and thus – ultimately – prosperity-stunting). So this can be a therapeutic practice as well as a magical act/process even while it’s also artistic and creative in its own right.

In other words, I think it’s a brilliant technique.

He’s got a video up at youtube where he goes into this technique, its background and history, and how he personally uses it. (And yes, if you’re thinking all of this could get into William S. Burroughs, tools for altering consciousness, and methods for jailbreaking restrictive paradigms of perception, you’d be right, so there’s something potentially useful for you here even if you’re 1000% allergic to contemporary discourse around “law of attraction” stuff. Like me lol)

Vendredi Fou Sale

Our Vendredi Fou sale is now live (our version of Black Friday/Cyber Monday), now through November 29th, at both SeraphinStation.com and Etsy. You don’t need a coupon code – the 10% discount on most tangible items is automatic.

You won’t see items show up as on sale at the main shop, but you’ll see the discount during checkout.

If you see something that you think should be in the sale and isn’t, feel free to inquire – I had to fight with both platforms to get this thing going given how incredibly slow my internet connection is right now. (It rained yesterday, and Century Link’s DSL cables can’t handle that. Because they’re *aboveground.* Getting trampled by passing cattle and shit.)

2X Bonus rewards points at SeraphinStation.com for the duration of the sale. Shipping is free at Etsy for orders over $35, and shipping at SeraphinStation.com is $5 flat rate for just about everything, regardless of weight, to U.S. destinations (some heavy and/or fragile items like vigil candles excluded).

Ultimate Crown of Success, Money Drawing etc. back in stock

Or rather, the ingredients to make them are back in stock. I had a bit more trouble than I’d expected finding a good, reliable supplier for the right kind of diamond powder who was in the U.S. and whose ethics I could be sure of (’cause none of my formulas call for conflict diamonds and child mining labor). The supplier I used to use isn’t around anymore.

I’ve finally found another good one in the U.S., but shipping isn’t as fast as it used to be, and prices certainly aren’t going down, heh, so I only ever have a limited quantity of raw materials on hand to make Ultimate oils.

If you see all of them out of stock, that means I’m out of diamonds and/or gold and/or some spendy essential oil or absolute and we’re just waiting on my shipment. If you see one or more of them in stock, but it’s not the kind you want, it’s worth writing to inquire – I *might* have everything on hand to make what you’re after and I can just move the inventory count around to list what you need.

Ultimate oils:

Ulltimate Money Drawing

Ultimate Crown of Success

Ultimate Black Arts*

Ultimate Attraction

*Black Arts is *not* generally made with diamonds, but it is made with other rare and/or valuable ingredients that I also will not always have a ton of in stock. From the item listing:

Please note that this is a spiritual item and not a cosmetic or perfume, and it definitely won’t smell like anything from Bath & Body Works. This is traditional old-school conjure. In traditional old-school conjure, mullein or whatever is NOT an adequate substitute for graveyard dirt; Black Arts formulas do NOT have “hints of autumn leaves and pumpkin accords at the heart note” and do NOT smell like perfume; condition and ritual oils are NOT “charged under a full moon” because that doesn’t make any flippin’ sense; and there aren’t any pagan gods or goddesses involved in the creation of this oil – especially not any who really, really like glitter and lilac or gardenia. If you’re not really ready to get your hands dirty – maybe literally – then there’s no shame in that, but this probably isn’t the oil for you right now.

Saint of the Month: St. Martin of Tours / San Martin Caballero

Big Lucky Hoodoo

Louis Galloche. “A Scene From the Life of St. Martin.” 1737. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Image Library. Public domain.

November’s saint for the Saint of the Month Box is St. Martin of Tours, aka San Martin Caballero, whose feast day in the Roman Catholic calendar is November 11th.

He was a 4th century bishop in Tours but had once been a soldier, and this is how he’s almost always pictured in the art of Western Christendom – a soldier on horseback cutting his cloak in half to clothe a beggar. He had a reputation for miracles even while he was still living, and he was one of the first non-martyred saints to be venerated so widely.

Officially, he’s the patron saint of beggars, the cavalry (and equestrians generally), innkeepers, soldiers, and geese, and he is invoked against poverty and alcoholism.

In popular practice, however, especially in…

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All Souls Vigil Service with Novena and Chaplet for the Dead – Free Options

Nine-day vigil, novena, and Chaplet for the Dead service.

Have lights set and worked on my altar in a nine-day community altar  service beginning the night of November 2nd, All Souls Day. There is some wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts as long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn’t say “sold out.”

Along with setting and working lights in the name of your loved one, I will perform a nine-day novena and daily recitation of the Chaplet of the Dead, with appropriate offerings, incense, and other materials and including a photo of your loved one if you have one to send.

The Chaplet of the Dead is a four-decade rosary that includes prayers such as the De Profundis (Psalm 130) and prayers for the repose of the departed soul and the comfort of the bereaved. 

In Catholic tradition, the prayers of the living faithful can benefit the souls of those who are in Purgatory. Once purified, these souls will join the company of heaven. Once a loved one has died, they can no longer engage in works or deeds on their own behalf, but the living can pray for them and dedicate their own works and deeds for their benefit, thus helping them enter the presence of God and the saints.

Even if you don’t believe in purgatory in the most literal sense, these prayers and offerings focus on peace and rest of the departed and can serve as comfort for both the dead and their loved ones who are grieving. And it’s completely appropriate to perform such a service for ancestors whose names are unknown, as well, or for the souls of the departed who have no one living to pray for them. You can also use this service as an opportunity to thank those departed, known or unknown, whom you’ve received help or comfort from yourself.

You do not have to book a spot in the vigil service in order to have your loved one’s name and/or a petition included in my 9 days of novena and chaplet prayers. You can simply fill out  the intake form and in place of the service/order #, type “all souls novena prayers only.” There is no cost for this option (though if you’d like to, you can make an optional donation here. (Offsite PayPal link)

Learn more or book your service at Seraphin Station.