short fuse talisman opportunity for current clients

Current clients in good standing should pop on over to the Discord server for a talisman opportunity. You can get one customized for your specific petition if you get your petition in within the next couple of hours. You can get one after that window as well – I’ll send instructions on what to do so you can have it working for your specific petition in that case.

Vendredi Fou (Black Friday) Sale and Free Gifts

20% off orders placed until midnight on Monday, November 28th. No code needed at Etsy or the main site. (Remember the main site has more stuff and often has better shipping rates too!)

Free gifts: Orders of $50+, Nag Champa candles for spiritual awareness & meditation. Orders of $75+, limited edition Three Kings oil for blessings and prosperity. These are not currently available separately for purchase anywhere – this is the only way you can get them. While supplies last.

2X bonus rewards points also active through Monday.

Newsletter has resumed – some list scrubbing was necessary

If you have not gotten the most recent newsletter and you used to get it, it’s possible that your signup got scrubbed ’cause I had to use some algorithms and AI there to help me clean up the spambot messes.

This is especially likely if you have never made a purchase at, if you rarely open newsletter emails, and/or if your email address and actual name bear no resemblance to each other but both look like real names. e.g. If you are Kyra Smith and your email is LaylaEdwards@gmail, that might have gotten flagged. But Kyra Smith with email soccerfan21@gmail would probably be fine – it reads as less spambotty to the software I guess.

Anyway, if that happened, I’m really sorry. You are welcome to resubscribe — or subscribe for the first time — at this link.

Wed, Sep. 28th last day to book private October light settings

Wednesday, Sep. 28th at midnight will be the cutoff point to book private October light settings .

I am moving myself and a sort of travel-trailer-sized chunk of my materials, supplies, and inventory to Louisiana next month. I’ve been planning it and doing necessary preliminaries for a while, and things are finally at a point where it can happen.

This will enable me to help a family member with their land and crops and building projects, brush up on my ridiculously rusty French, fully immerse myself in the unique herbal and spiritual traditions of Louisiana (which has always done things its own damned way compared to any other state and which is still grossly misunderstood by most of the rest of the country), and deepen some ancestral ties. (Half my family tree has deep, deep roots in Louisiana, and I spent many summers there as a child, but I’ve spent comparatively little time there as an adult, and I’m excited to remedy that).

I can then apply the research and interviews I’ll be able to undertake there towards my work on A Bayou Hoodoo Herbal, which I was hoping would become a real book this year. That no longer looks realistic, but with this move, next year could be.

Admittedly, as it looks on the blog right now, Bayou Hoodoo Herbal doesn’t amount to more than a few social media posts. But I have *tons* of notes — decades of notes — waiting for me to flesh them out into actual English. I’ve just lacked the time and headspace to do that fleshing out. Once the dust settles, I should have a lot more time and headspace.

I don’t yet know how this is going to impact my currently available inventory. I really have to get in the space and see what I can realistically manage to cram into it. But I’ll be traveling back and forth between there and Alabama fairly regularly, so anything that’s unavailable for a little while is likely to be available again as soon as I sort out the logistics, or else I’ll publicly announce I’m discontinuing it or whatever.

My “field office” in Louisiana is only a few hours from here, so I’m not closing up shop. Currently-booked altar work and anything booked before Wednesday the 27th will not be interrupted. Monthly community altar services will not be affected, but it may take me a couple of weeks to get private services back online. I’ll announce it once they are.

And if you’ve been waiting *forever* for me to get back to you with a report or reading, and you’re rolling your eyes at what looks like my saying “a few more weeks,” I assure you that this is a move I’m consciously making in order to be able to safeguard and put firm, healthy boundaries around my time and energy, so that I can concentrate on what I need to concentrate on, which is my work, research, and clients. I’ve had way too much on my plate for a good while now, and this is going to function in many ways as a significant spiritual retreat, so I can get clear of a bunch of clutter and noise and get the most important things back into clear focus and good, healthy shape.

St. Martha Altar Service Begins Tonight: Steady Work, Fair Pay, Balance of Power, Peaceful Home, Domination

Big Lucky Hoodoo

This work begins the night of July 29th,the feast day of St. Martha, but there are several different modes of different lengths running concurrently here,so you absolutely can book late,as long as you see slots still available for the service you’re interested in.

St. Martha in the Bible

Famously depicted in the Bible as getting stuck with all the cooking and cleaning while her sister Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to him teach, St. Martha is the patron saint of servers, cooks, domestic workers, housewives,  and those in the hospitality industry – those who are behind the scenes making important things go even when nobody notices.

Her devotees will call on her for intercession when they need steady work, especially in these fields, or when they are having difficulty with their work, for instance if pay is slow in coming or a boss or manager…

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NEW BOOK: Medieval Rituals of Catholic Exorcism!

How am I just now hearing about this?! (squeals)

For y’all who don’t know me from back in the day, I’m a medievalist by training and wrote my doctoral dissertation on portrayals of the soul-body relationship in medieval English religious literature. This involved dipping into all kinds of things – poetry, herbals, sermons, penitentials, medical manuals – lots of old manuscripts in multiple dead languages. And it required gobs of original translation because much of it had never seen the light of day in modern English.

So I’m here to assert that medieval Christianity was often way freakin’ weirder than you probably think; many of the ideas we’ve absorbed about what it was like are incredibly off-base for many times and places of the era; and sometimes our operative categories for understanding and talking about this stuff don’t work *at all* and lead to mischaracterization and mistranslation. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Getting access to these old manuscripts can be quite difficult, and reading them is frequently brutal.

So *I cannot wait to read this.* This is me as a little kid, and I’m about to walk into the candy store.

THAVMA: Catholic Occultism and Magic in General

Medieval Rituals of Catholic Exorcism Covers

“Red Cover” – Lulu LinkAmazon Link
“Brown Cover” – Lulu LinkAmazon Link

After a year of labor, the new book’s finally finished! If you’ve ever wondered what scholars talk about when speaking of the “magical components” in medieval exorcisms, then wonder no more!

The new book contains several selections from Medieval exorcism manuscripts, with the complete rituals being given (in Manuals that contained multiple rituals, I gave a sampling).

For those unfamiliar with the Manuals, the primary source-texts of Catholic exorcism, the exorcisms of elves, dryads, and other spirits from folk beliefs, this book can be your introduction.

For those of you already familiar with the Manuals, this may be the first time substantial sections have been put into English, especially the Teilrituale or CLM 10085 – possibly one of the original “Solomonic-Catholic exorcism manuals” – and a full translation for Conjuration of Mirage from the…

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Another review of St. Expedite booklet

Big Lucky Hoodoo

Thanks for the review, Taylor! And you know I want to hear all about those “crazy things” and how you work with St. Expedite in your region and in your personal practice 🙂

To delve into your own St. Expedite craziness, pick up a copy of my St. Expedite booklet at Seraphin Station.

Want a similar book of Catholic conjure on working with the Sacred Heart of Jesus? You can still get the June Saint of the Month Box, which will come with my new booklet on the Sacred Heart.

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Ss. Cosmas and Damian Healing Service begins July 1st

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Have a vigil light fixed, blessed, dressed, and set on my altar for Saints Cosmas and Damian for petitions related to health and healing, both physical and spiritual, casting off evil, removal of crossed conditions, and protection from plague and other illness.

Cosmas and Damian were twin brothers who were practicing physicians in the 3rd century and treated their patients at no charge, hence their title of “unmercenary” or “silverless.” They have different feast days within different churches and denominations, and in the Orthodox church, in fact, there are considered to be three distinct sets of saints named Cosmas and Damian. Of course they all have different bios and feast days, as well. As with most saints from the early centuries of the church, there’s very little or nothing in any historical or archaeological record about their lives — we have rather to deal with legend (and subsequent mystical revelation…

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