under construction: last update 6/26/20

Right now, there are actually storefronts on a few different platforms while I sort through all our inventory and all our options (which is going to take a while). – standalone storefront, am adding items as I can. As of June 18, 2020, a few services are available there as well (consultations, vigil light settings).

Seraphin Station at Etsy – right now mostly has OOAK art / jewelry stuff and a few odd curios; will be listing art/craft and shrine supplies, a smaller core selection of herbs and oils (definitely not everything – not with their fees). 

Seraphin Station on Facebook – mostly for local stuff like furniture/home decor — anything else would also be available somewhere else — but you’re welcome to follow us there for announcements/news/pics.

Seraphin Station on Bonanza – looks like Bonanza isn’t tripping themselves to get my business back. Customer support has been supremely unhelpful. Eh, whatever. Probably not gonna bother.

Gratitude to our equivalent of “angel investors” so I could reopen and rebuild: Adrien for the eternal optimism and generosity; Arthur for contributions to tree remediation, Eevee the Crowdsourced Dog, that Communist irrigation, and the Auto Zone bill from hell; ma marraine et mon parrain; Mike & Mary for patience and understanding; Julia for all the gifts that eased the way, chief of which was hope; Brian C. for “definitely not the worst email in the world”; Valerie, already a saint without dying or being martyred; and Sandra, the blessings of St. Peter upon you.

Custom Work

Write if you’re interested in custom work. Here’s some of our past building/construction. You can see a gallery of custom jewelry and art at the Seraphin Station storefront


Carpentry & Construction