Let the mint do its thing (part 377485 of “All-grass lawns are evil”)

Americans spend $887 billion going camping and hiking and visiting national parks to view the beauty of nature, and then they go home and mow and spray and weed and fertilize and do everything they can to stop that nature from existing in their lawns and in their gardens. 

Veronica Shukla. “For the Love of Mint in all its Spreading Glory.”

The whole article at Think Outside the Lawn is worth reading for why to unlearn what you’ve been taught about the necessity of rigidly managing mint in your garden lest it become unruly, swallow your neighbor’s cat, start mugging little old ladies down at the bus station, and throw the actual planet off its actual axis… or whatever it is that people think mint is going to do if you turn your back on it for one minute.

In a similar vein, I recommend “Stop Wasting Time and Money on Broken Ecosystem Functions” from the same blog.


Mowing, weed whacking, pulling, and spraying chemicals to remove all plants that would attract birds, bees, and butterflies for the sake of a “clean” monoculture lawn and a few nonnative ornamentals; and then purchasing and placing bird feeders, bird seed, nectar, bee boxes, etc.

Veronica Shulk, “Stop Wasting Time and Money on Broken Ecosystem Functions

Bonus: lots of the “weeds” that want to grow in your lawn and in your area have medicinal, spiritual, and/or food uses in addition to being important to the local ecosystem totally independent of whether humans notice them or not.

February community honey jars for prosperity/success or relationships

February community altar work is underway for prosperity/success and love/relationships. As usual, there are pay-what-you-can options for the prosperity/success work.

I’ve also set up 3X Bonus Reward points, in effect now through Tuesday, 31 January.

Current clients in good standing who did not visit the private Discord server to learn about the last-minute talisman offering last week: I made a couple of extras. Have a look, and if you want one, let me know in the Discord server so I can set it aside for you. First come, first served.

Status update

We have internet going at Haphazard Station now, and the laptop works when I hold my mouth right and the stars are aligned. The printer is working and I am finally pretty close to completely stocked on herbs. So I’m shipping orders out from here and catching up on the godawful backlog.

Folks who have been waiting way beyond the published processing times on orders, I am either sending you cool goodies along with your order if I’m sure you’d like them, or I’m sending you the means to pick out cool goodies yourself, so don’t just toss your packaging without looking at everything – there could be a coupon code in there.

I’m really sorry things have been so chaotic for so long now, but I am finally getting my feet underneath me again, for real. It hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked, to put it mildly, but it *is* going 🙂

I am so grateful for y’all that have stuck by me and been more patient than I could ever have any right to expect. For real. It’s been a rough year, but y’all make it worthwhile. Thank you.

short fuse talisman opportunity for current clients

Current clients in good standing should pop on over to the Discord server for a talisman opportunity. You can get one customized for your specific petition if you get your petition in within the next couple of hours. You can get one after that window as well – I’ll send instructions on what to do so you can have it working for your specific petition in that case.