Gratitude to our equivalent of “angel investors” so I could reopen and rebuild: Adrien for the eternal faith and generosity; Arthur for contributions to tree remediation, Eevee the Crowdsourced Dog, that Communist irrigation, and the Auto Zone bill from hell; ma marraine et mon parrain; Mike & Mary for trust and understanding; Julia for all the gifts that eased the way, chief of which was hope; Brian C. for “definitely not the worst email in the world”; Valerie, already a saint without dying or being martyred; Sandra, the blessings of St. Peter upon you; and Beatrice, may your kindness and generosity be rewarded sevenfold.

I never expected the patience and understanding I’ve gotten from so many of you as I’ve been trying to get the business going again and slowly working to make things right that I left a mess in 2015. It continues to blow me away (Renee V., thank you). I’m so grateful to those of you who’ve given me your trust again (Clarisse, Elizabeth S., Alena, Brad M.) or even taken the time to get me caught up on something I missed while I was offline (Sonia, you’re an angel).

And as I locate old records and organize notes, I’m only now seeing some of the kindnesses that were extended to me over the years that I wasn’t aware of at the time (Lynne C. in Colorado, you angel). Clients I’d accepted a responsibility to help were checking on me and praying for me (Mona, you darling) and in many cases, I had absolutely no idea at the time.

So please don’t take it personally if I haven’t mentioned you by name here – there are actually more of you than I can believe, and I still haven’t gotten through all the paperwork anyway. And please don’t think I’m blowing you off if I haven’t reached out yet. It’s a work in progress – but I’m working on it. And you folks have helped put a real foundation under my initially very shaky confidence that this was something I could even realistically manage to do.

Your faith in me makes a difference, and I am not taking even the smallest kind word for granted. Thank you.

last updated 12/11/20