Last Call for St. Benedict Service

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St. Benedict has multiple feast days, depending on region and tradition, with his original feast day of March 21st having been moved in many church calendars because of Holy Week. However, the Benedictines still celebrate his feast day on the 21st of March, and it’s a great date to honor him or ask his intercession and aid.

Lights will be set the night of Sunday, March 21st. There is some wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts as long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn’t say “sold out.”

St. Benedict is Catholicism’s exorcist par excellence, invoked for protection, driving away evil, and dodging the snares of the wily serpent, with the power to banish Satan himself in the name of God.

He’s the patron saint against poisoning, and he’s called on by those who need help living in right relationship with others, with God, with themselves, and/or with the world.

His traditional holy medal is recognizable by its highly unusual design and symbolism.

Among a host of other emblems and initialisms on it are the letters “VRS,” which stands for “vade retro, Satana,” or “get back, Satan.” In folk practice, however, it’s often used against less specific, even unknown evils, including human ones. So St. Benedict is invoked as an ally even when the “devils” in question don’t have brimstone breath.

This light setting service would be suitable if you want to call on St. Benedict’s aid to remove crossed conditions and unnatural blockages in your life.

It’s also suitable if you want to call on his aid to remove harmful people and/or harmful influences from your own life or the lives of your loved ones, such as children who have fallen in with a bad crowd and need someone watching their backs spiritually while they find the maturity and wherewithal to make more appropriate choices.

Or perhaps inertia, negative thinking, or your own bad habits are holding you back, and you need to break free from the cycle of self-doubt, or fear, or addiction, or procrastination. St. Benedict has been known to help those who need to overcome self-created or self-perpetuated blockages as well.

He was known for his austerity and fervor, so the old adage “helping those who help themselves” comes into play here – don’t expect him to do *all* the work. But if you’re willing to put in the effort and the faith, he can be a powerful ally as you strive to overcome blockages and setbacks in your life and reorient yourself to a positive and healthy direction informed by conscious, deliberate choices.

He can help you close the door on an era of living in constant reaction mode and open a new one onto a life of greater agency and autonomy where you’re holding the reins (though you might expect St. Benedict to gently remind you from time to time that God’s will is pretty important in the big picture, too šŸ™‚ )

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