Inner Fire: New Moon in Aries Service Begins Tonight

This is something of a special new moon – the moon is at 11 degrees Aries and it, the sun, and Chiron are all within a degree of each other. On top of that, Mercury is at 9°44’ Aries applying a conjunction to the new moon as well. This is a four-planet stellium conjunction. 

What’s this for?

This is a great time for “setting intentions” or articulating petitions for endeavors you need to begin, or want to give a fresh boost to, over the next few weeks, as well as those already underway that will culminate over the next six months, particularly if they require:

  • creative vision
  • assertive expression
  • clear communication
  • solid motivation
  • some sort of leap of faith


You know that old cliche “it’s always darkest just before the dawn”? Another way to approach thinking about this Chiron influence is to think about what has been absolutely kicking your freakin’ ass lately, what’s been stubborn, barely budging, resistant to your conscious efforts even though you know it’s something that needs fixing or healing or attention.

This is also prime energy for dealing with issues of self-esteem, self-worth, belonging, shame, and your general sense of what the hell you’re even doing here, if that is something you have been struggling with.

Similarly, pain points in relationships with parents, siblings, and others very close to you are highlighted during this transit, and these energies can bring these to the surface but also make it easier to talk about them and get them out into the open.

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