Angelic Protocols

I don’t have time to articulate all the thoughts that zipped through my head reading the first 3/4ths of this, but I think it’s important – in general and in regards to the specific “importance of narrative” thing I’m still struggling to articulate — and I need to come back to it. (Also this is the kind of thinking I very much miss doing, half suspect I’m no longer capable of doing, and there was a good bit of weird mixed-up nostalgia in zipping through this this morning.)

Feather & Scale


I’ve been knee deep in star magic of late over at Rune Soup, and the tech in question uses Christian prayer to help get things off the ground. Why? The tech continues and builds out of vastly ancient magical techniques. And as I’ve played with it, it works. Meanwhile, Gordon pointed folks to a prayer from ACunning Man’s Grimoire, edited by Stephen Skinner, and I’ve been pairing it with the tech in the Heptameron. Some folks have bristled at some of the phrasings in the Christian prayer tech.

For example, the prayer from the Cunning Man’s Grimoire strikes some folks as, I guess, bad self-care and demeaning to humankind:

I, thine unworthy servant, do humbly implore thy holy, divine, glorious good and merciful majesty, through thine infinite goodness and love and mercy and eternal love of Jesus Christ, our mediator and messiah, that you will vouchsafe to forgive…

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