current clients: short-fuse talisman opportunity

If you’re a current client (meaning you’ve got a service booked with me, are having spiritual work done, are participating in the community honey jar services, have a reading or consultation booked with me, etc.), head to the Discord server for a talisman opportunity. It might be especially of interest to you if you need to protect assets, if you live in a sketchy neighborhood, if you’re in a brand new relationship (to include friendship), or if you have to lie for a living or have to be less than honest with some agency or entity in the near-ish future.

If you are interested but aren’t a current client, you can always book a spot in the community honey jar service for success/prosperity or relationships, which start tonight and I’ll count it 🙂

22nd Lunar Mansion Talismans: escape, healing, allies, personal power, stop gossip, breakup, discord

22nd lunar mansion talismans will be created shortly before midnight on 18 May 2022. Quantities limited – to ensure you get the one you want, get your orders in by 11 p.m. Central.

Two options: the regular talisman made with paper, herbs, fabric, minerals, and wax, or a wearable talisman made with a Mercury dime. Current clients can get a coupon code in the Discord server.

The 22nd lunar mansion is good for healing, escape, leaving things behind/getting free, and binding tongues/stopping gossip. It can be used to create goodwill between people and help you form alliances, or to separate partners and cause discord, depending on intent.

Escape and freedom can be figurative, like escape from a toxic situation or a crappy job or getting freedom from stress. It’s also good for the safety of fugitives and the release of prisoners.

Its essence has to do with personal power and speed, though it’s not good for situations related to loans or weddings. To a certain extent, it can be said to help you escape from some of the consequences of your actions, if you have something going on where that applies.

I have often said “talismans do what they do,” but in this case, if your intention for this talisman has to do with creating discord, causing breakup, or crossing, I’m gonna handle those just ever so slightly differently, so I prefer to have you state your intentions clearly for those. And I’m only making a few of them, so there won’t be a ton available after their creation.

Will ship with care and feeding instructions. Read more or order now at Seraphin Station.

EDIT: See the product description page for current available stock. The Mercury dime version is sold out. I have two talismans dedicated to breakup and discord available, but I will only sell them to you if I already know you or you come with references.

Short Fuse for Super-Exalted Mars Protection and Victory Talismanic Materia

In the wee hours of 3 March at my location, Mars will be super-exalted – perfectly within the very degree of his exaltation in Capricorn. He’s on the ascendant and conjunct Venus, and the ruler of the ascendant is in a strong first house position. The waxing moon is applying sextile to Venus and then Mars. 

All of this is in place for less than 30 minutes.

Exalted is nice. Super-exalted is even better, and the necessary astrological conditions for being able to make talismanic materia when Mars is super-exalted are *way* less common.

So you can understand why I need at least a rough “headcount” of how much *stuff* I need to prep in this very narrow window to capture this very powerful moment in the celestial “climate.” I have to prep as much as possible in advance and I can’t add a bunch of stuff at the last minute 🙂

The result – talismanic materia magica you can use in future workings for courage, victory over adversaries, and protection from calamities like violence, fire, crime, and accidents.

Talk about a fiery wall of protection. This super-exalted Mars is no joke.

Available in oil or candle form.

I will make a few extra of everything if I can, so there might be opportunities to get these later, but if you want to guarantee that you get one, I wouldn’t wait.

(There will almost certainly be some oil not already spoken for this time tomorrow. Might not be able to say the same about the candles, though.)

Read more or reserve yours now at Seraphin Station.

3X Rewards Program points right now, too.

The Crux Angelica of St. Thomas Aquinas

I send out various holy cards, prayer cards, and printed talismans with orders, and one of them is this Angelic Cross/Crux Angelica of St. Thomas Aquinas. The text on it says you can find out more at, but after a customer wrote to ask about it, I realized the link is kind of buried and I probably need to make it easier to find. So I’m working on that, but if you’ve been wondering about the Crux Angelica, here you go, copied over from Big Lucky Hoodoo.

St. Thomas Aquinas did not like storms.

It’s no wonder. The story goes that when he was a little boy, lightning struck the tower in which he lay sleeping with his nurse. His mother ran in, frantic, at the noise. Thomas was unharmed but his little sister was dead, as were the horses in the stable below.

Later in life, he suffered terribly during a thunderstorm as he spent the night in an underground cave, and to help allay his dread, he is said to have traced the letters of the Crux Angelica, or Angelic Cross, on the cave wall.

Carried and recited with faith and devotion, it’s said to protect from sudden death, defeat in battle, disease, imprisonment, accidents while traveling, witchcraft, demonic possession, death during childbirth, and yes, storms.

The Latin translates as follows:

The cross to me a sure salvation.

The cross it is I ever adore.

The cross of my Lord with me.

The cross my refuge.

St. Thomas, the so-called Angelic Doctor, was one of the greatest minds of medieval Europe. It’s impossible to overstate how much his works of scholastic philosophy influenced Catholic doctrine. Due to his studiousness and incredible mind, he is also the patron saint of students and is known as the Angel of the Schools.

Read more about his life in this work by Fr. Placid Conway or in St. Thomas Manual: or Devotion of the Six Sundays in Honor of the Angel of the Schools, St. Thomas of Aquin.

The Blue Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Amulet Necklace

For this amulet necklace, I’ve basically deconstructed a classic rural Southern-style conjure bag, aka a mojo or toby, and made jewelry out of it.

This is backwoods conjure the way it used to be. It’s miles away from the shiny city general store with imported spices and soaps and fabrics. This is the part of the country where floorwash is made with chamber lye, not ammonia and certainly not Florida Water. New curtains come from recycled worn-out clothes, and those clothes come from recycled flour and feed sacks.

Old barn and field gear provides tiny scraps of leather. Copper, brass, and steel are scavenged from derelict machinery and buildings. Scraps of fabric — saved in an old cookie tin with thimbles and thread — tell 50 years of stories in a square inch: palest blue silk of a once-treasured gown; crisp white poplin once someone’s Sunday best; a thin strip of woven blue and gold once a hair ribbon won at the county fair. Whether passed on or simply moved on, those who once owned these bits and scraps are no longer here. And nobody was listening for their voices before you and I got here. Not everybody can hear them, after all.

This necklace is for those who can – or who want to. It’s for the medium, the storyteller, the card reader, the local historian, for the mad prophet, the family memory-keeper, the soothsayer. It’s for those who live too much in their own heads and those who don’t live enough in theirs, for those who want to remember and those who cannot forget. It’s for magpies of myth, keepers of scraps, and weavers of visions, those who can read the narrative in excavated brick or crumbling beams or rough-loomed fabric remnants. It’s for those who don’t go the long way round to avoid the cemetery at night and who aren’t afraid to slow down and chance hearing whispers in the wind.

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Chicken foot charms are back – and this batch is special

Good old chicken feet curios, a probably-New-World invention – at least in the painted, decorated iterations…

… that people nevertheless like to claim have been used in all kinds of magical traditions all over the globe for *centuries,* for everything from love to money to hexing the crap out of your roommate for leaving the toilet seat up.

(They’re used for protection, for the most part, though some pro workers use them in cleansing and healing rites as well. Not love or money, though, not that I’ve seen any evidence of – sorry.)

I’ve been making chicken foot charms for over 20 years now, but this batch is special.

I usually make them with commercially available chicken feet that come from the same source as the chicken you buy at the grocery store wrapped in plastic.

These are different. These come from a source I know firsthand to be cruelty-free and devoted to humane practices. I know for a fact these chickens had as good a life as it is possible to have as a chicken bred for meat. They were not cooped up their entire lives. They got to feel grass under their feet and sunshine on their feathers. And I know they were slaughtered cleanly and quickly with great skill and compassion. They did not spend their final moments in terror with the sound of machinery filling their ears.

Matter of fact, they were *individually prayed over* during the process and individually thanked for the gift of their life that in turn sustains other life. This is no assembly line anything. These birds’ lives were not taken for granted. No joke, I kind of had to do an interview about what I use them for and what kind of spiritual economy they’d be circulating within before this all got finalized. You can’t lie to the chickens, you know, and tell them they’ll be honored and appreciated if they’re just going to end up on the trash heap.

I don’t know how much she wants me to say about her in a public place, but they were provided by a family member who works at a very small organic, farm-to-table operation in Louisiana. In addition to knowing her way around farm animals, she also happens to be one of the most deeply spiritual people I know, and I mean the type that gets into the messy bits of life and deals with the real stuff instead of just isolating herself in an ivory tower where she doesn’t have to see and think about dirt and pain and poverty and death in the world (though she does have the ivory tower education – in theology, no less).

In short, I couldn’t dream up a more competent person to have made this a truly spiritual practice with genuine gratitude and deep connection, messy bits and all.

And while I totally get that not everybody is comfortable with materia magica like this, for those who do participate in the carnivorous economies and want to use these quite traditional curios, this is the most ethical way I can even imagine to obtain these things. And I am really grateful to be able to source them from a place like this – from someone I know to be a person of real compassion who is powerful in prayer and deeply connected to the life around her and the land under her feet.

Obviously I can legally make no claims guaranteeing you any particular results from your use of this charm, but I gotta say at the very least, if I were a thief scouting for my next target and I saw a chicken foot charm on a house, vehicle, or person, I would probably pick a different house, vehicle, or person to target instead of that one.

Get your own one-of-a-kind chicken foot charm now, a bit of spiritual folk art custom-made just for you according to your situation/petition.

And yes, Louisiana folks, I can do the hot pink ones. I don’t imagine most folks are gonna get to Courir de Mardi Gras in 2021 with all this COVID craziness, but you can have your own little brightly-painted piece of Mardi Gras, complete with beads, trinkets, even a doubloon if you request a Mardi-Gras themed chicken foot, [*] to keep your spirits up until the day comes when we can all go back out there, swill beer, dress like very cheerful killer clowns, fling things at each other’s heads — sometimes on horseback — and have a grand old time scarfing boudin or funnel cake, depending on where you’re from, hanging out in the streets getting dirty and loud.

God willing.

[*] And before anybody asks, no, it does not come with a Moon Pie.