San Simon – Maximon Community Altar Service – Luck, Open Roads, Uncrossing, Prosperity, Success

October 28 is the feast day of Saints Simon and Jude, and in Guatemala, one of the feast days of the syncretic trickster folk saint who takes part of his name from St. Simon. The other part most likely derives from that of a Mayan underworld deity who essentially shape-shifted into Maximon rather than fading into extinction after the Spanish conquest.

Photo is public domain, courtesy of the photographer Sapfan (Jan Pesula), available at Wikimedia Commons.

As you might expect, then, with a name like this, San Simon or Maximon is a crossroads spirit with a foot in two worlds simultaneously. He is beloved in Guatemala and its diaspora, responding to devotees from any walk of life who petition him for luck, for business success and prosperity, to remove obstacles and open roads, to fight back against injustice, and to thwart attacks of black magic.

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