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No more custom stuff at Etsy. There are too many histrionic assholes who can’t be arsed to read things. They’ve ruined it for everybody else. You’ll have to go to for mojos, kits, etc. as of today, because all custom stuff has now been pulled from Etsy.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces: The Universe Speaks

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Jupiter and Neptune co-rule Pisces, and their meeting up together in that sign is a rarity. The last time Jupiter was conjunct Neptune in Pisces was in 1856, the year Nikola Tesla, Booker T. Washington, Sigmund Freud, L. Frank Baum, John Singer Sargent, George Bernard Shaw, and Robert Peary were born.

As a free supplement to the fourth and final phase of the Lucky Stars Sweet Jar service going on now, I’m setting lights on it today to make the most of this transit for the service participants. (If you’d like to have a light and petition set for this, you can still book a spot in the Lucky Stars: Jupiter in Pisces service that’s going on until May 10th).

This transit has to do with new ways of seeing,with subtle ideas, and with the creative impulse, so it’s especially beneficial for petitions related to intuition, divination, creative works, imagination…

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April community honey jar services start tonight

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Community honey jar services for prosperity/success and love/relationships start tonight. There are pay-what-you-can options for the prosperity/success jar.

Participants are invited to a private Discord server where I’ll post photos and answer questions, and they get access to my client calendar, as well, with details about the work and any upcoming events they might want to take advantage of.

Community altar work services focus on a particular goal or area andhavea limited number of “seats” for each working. They are a great compromise between big workings open to any number of folks (inexpensive but with little customization available) and hiring a worker to do 100% custom, private services just for you (completely tailored to you but often considerably more expensive since the costs of time and materia magica are not being shared by more than one person).

Learn more or book now at Seraphin Station.

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Shipping Hiccups

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We’ve had a pretty significant monkey wrench thrown into the works with our shipping workflow.* Basically, things are gonna take a little longer to get to you for a little while. But we’re keeping an eye on everything and I’m having stuff that isn’t where it’s supposed to be by 20 days of the label ship date watched, so you don’t even need to write if that 20th day comes. It’ll already be on a report on my desktop.

We are hammering out a new workflow for this. It’s not perfect yet by any stretch, but we’re still working on it and I’m gonna stay on top of this until we figure it out. I apologize and appreciate your patience with this mess.

*When I say it involves a “monkey wrench,” I really mean it involves dog teeth. And a Houdini pit bull. And lots of growling. And a very…

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An Old Irish Prayer to the Archangels by the days of the week

Resurrecting an old blog post with a few variations on prayers to the seven archangels by days of the week. I could have sworn I had a blog post about lorica here, and I was gonna introduce it in the context of the prayer we usually call the Breastplate of St. Patrick, since that is a type of lorica prayer. But I can’t find the blog post I could swear once existed. Maybe it didn’t make the livejournal-to-wordpress transition intact…

In any case, these are prayers for protection that are uniquely Irish in character and that work in remarkably somatic terms (like this angel protects my head, this one my left arm, etc.). And I find these fascinating not only as someone working with the points chauds system and interested in other emphatically *embodied* systems or methods of empowerment and initiation, but also as an erstwhile medievalist who is here to tell you that whatever you may have heard about how medieval Christianity denigrated the body and elevated the soul at its expense, privileged the spirit over the flesh at every turn, and was inherently and eternally Augustinian in its outlook towards the desires and the senses of the body, when it comes to Anglo-Saxon Christianity, whatever you may have heard is quite likely to be absolutely dead freakin’ wrong. (And by the way, people calling such views Augustinian don’t really understand St. Augustine all that well in the first place. But I suppose that is a rant for a different place.)

I first really got into them when I was writing my dissertation on Old English religious works that treated the relationship of the soul and body. You can definitely see Hiberno-Latin influence in many Anglo Saxon soul-and-body works, and a few elements of some of the works in the soul-and-body “genre” are quite lorica-esque once you know what you’re looking for. And then of course I had to fall in a rabbit hole of old Jewish and Coptic healing charms, and then you turn a corner and bam! There’s some kabbalah and they’re going to have to send someone in after you with a torch and rope. So I might not have had a lot of coherent sentences that made cogent arguments, but I definitely had a lot of *notes* on lorica, and I really, really thought I posted at least some of them.

But this post I’m reblogging is the closest I could get for now 🙂

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I regret that I have not been writing as many informative or instructional posts lately as I’d like.  If you’ve worked with me fairly closely over the years and/or been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I’m feverishly trying to finish my PhD dissertation and *get the heck out of graduate school* where I have been for far, far too long.  So instructional/informative posts are not likely to be copious over the next few months.

But as part of my research I am working with a lovely Old Irish poem that I thought I’d share for you readers who work with, think about, and enjoy angels – it should be especially interesting for readers into esoteric prayer, working with the Seven Rays of the Archangels or any of the Rosaries of the Seven Rays, or those with a Roman Catholic or folk Catholic background – or…

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Lucky Stars Sweet Jar III – Jupiter in Pisces (Mar 1-Mar 31)

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Work begins Wednesday, March 2nd, but this altar setting will be worked and available for several months, so you absolutely can jump in late as long as you see slots still available.

In addition to the usual weekly patterns of light setting and tending I do for the longer-term transit services, I will be presenting offerings with your petitions in an extra-special additional service on the 5th of March. 

Jupiter will join up with the Sun a few days into the New Moon cycle and will be what we call cazimi in Pisces on March 5th – this is Jupiter in the Heart of the Sun with the Sun lending its strength and power to Jupiter, who can give off his purest expression of energy. For a brief period of time, if you will, you can imagine yourself having gained entrance to the throne room for an audience with the king.

What’s This For?

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Questions You’ve Asked: Sovereign Queen vs. Queen Esther

A customer asks for guidance on choosing between Sovereign Queen and Queen Esther oils.

For a general “women’s empowerment/success” formula, I’d probably go with Sovereign Queen and reserve Queen Esther for particular situations/settings. Queen Esther oil is great for when you need to go into a situation with poise and intelligence, definitely, and though the ingredients are different, with it not being a hoodoo oil, it almost has a similar “vibe” to Look Me Over, Check Me Out oil, in that it draws eyes toward you and helps ensure that gaze is an admiring one.

Queen Esther does all that, but there are lots of elements of your empowerment and success more generally as a woman where that might not be the most important or appropriate thing. I can think of times, in fact, where you don’t want to draw everybody’s gaze during the course of business as a woman. And Sovereign Queen heavily emphasizes the sovereignty, the autonomy, independent strength and ability to succeed. Sovereign Queen is really almost more a mastery and success blend for women, focused largely on the woman herself as the target rather than on the eyes of beholders as the targets, if that makes sense.

So they are certainly complementary, or can be, but Sovereign Queen is more a day-to-day formula for a woman with important things to do who needs a certain commanding element – not compelling, but commanding, which in hoodoo formula parlance is about having people do your bidding because they want to, because they admire you and trust your ability to lead or ideas or whatever. so you don’t have to dominate them – they follow you willingly and respect you.

Now if I were working in a business setting and had an important meeting coming up at which I needed to pitch a new idea to a roomful of people, some of whom I maybe didn’t already know, that’s when I might use Queen Esther, as part of my preparations for the presentation or pitch or whatever and on the day of and during any business dealings related to it. Sovereign Queen can amp up your “attractiveness level” to others, but it does so in a complex, not superficial way – it’s not a lust oil or a love oil or anything. Queen Esther doesn’t have to be – it will get in step with your intention and the “level” you’re using it on – but it is definitely designed to attract attention when, in some way or another, this is “your show”, if that makes sense.

Excerpts from the product descriptions:

Sovereign Queen

Sovereign Queen Oil contains appropriate essential oils and herbs including Queen Elizabeth Root. It is for women who want respect and admiration, to make a good impression on new people and gain favor from important people. It’s a strong “female power” formula.

Queen Esther

You can read the story of Queen Esther on multiple levels, more or less allegorically, and this oil is designed to reflect that same potential and complexity while remaining perfectly explicable and useful no matter what level you read it on.

The Book of Esther explains that Esther underwent a lengthy process of preparation and beautification before she was taken to see the king; her book describes perfumes and oils of myrrh and sweet flowers. This formula contains many essences valued since biblical times for beautification, to increase attraction and glamour, and to incite passion. So if you read the story literally in its focus on increasing beauty and allure, you may certainly use the oil in your workings towards that purpose.

Those who read the Book of Esther allegorically use this sort of formula as a blessing oil for any special occasion in a woman’s life, such as engagement, marriage, or the start of any new important undertaking when all eyes will be on her and she can benefit from some of Esther’s poise and intelligence.

In esoteric practice, some read Esther as emblematic of the soul and the king as a symbol for G-d. In that reading, the months-long beauty preparations that Esther underwent reflect the necessary preparations the soul must undergo before approaching the Divine. Thus this formula can be used for ritual, prayer, and devotion, either for a specific working or more generally towards purity and beauty of heart and soul and completely apart from any earthly gender or sex considerations.

While this oil is made with biblical/esoteric correspondences rather than traditional conjure ones, it won’t clash or conflict with them and it can certainly be used alongside hoodoo formulas if you want to do that.

Adam & Eve Root: Rant + a Crash Course in Corms

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Cover image adapted from Corms by Gerrit Davidse, CC by NC SA.

Breaking with my usual practice, I am NOT going to cite this source, because the whole point of this post is how incredibly freakin’ stupid it is, and in any case, what we have here is one plant-ignorant person posing as an expert and printing bullshit who has copied this misinformation from some other plant-ignorant person posing as an expert, so it’s a whole serpent-eating-its-own-tail type of mess and there’s definitely not a single guilty party to point to as an originator. [1]

And my goal here is not mockery for its own sake – rather, it’s for you to not spend your hard-earned money on bullshit but to educate yourself so you don’t uncritically accept whatever you see on eBay and Pinterest. (Or in books on Amazon by self-proclaimed hoodoo experts.)

Here’s the recently published…

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Current and Upcoming Community Altar Services

Big Lucky Hoodoo

Lots of radio silence lately due to dealing with some chicken issues; getting hit with a round of bot signups I have been learning how to deal with and clean up; the learning curves on the latest apps and integrations to figure out how to make communication channels and order processing as bulletproof as possible; and trying to get caught up on the backlog resulting from communication channels and order processing NOT being bulletproof as of yet.

But monthly community altar services for relationships, prosperity, and protection/reversing are still ongoing, and there are still Pay What You Can options for some of them.

St. Lucy‘s feast day is coming up with a novena and chaplet service, and later on this month the Lucky Stars Sweet Jar for Jupiter’s return to Pisces will make a comeback!

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

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Status update & general news

I wrote parts of this well over a week ago, but Things keep happening and I keep not managing to finish anything. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a death in the family, and then a sick chicken who ultimately didn’t make it, and that got me chasing all the other chickens around trying to get a good look at them… and then I decided they must have mites even though I couldn’t see them because it explains a lot of things. So we had to treat for mites (and you have to get nuclear ’cause they can kill your chickens), and the bulk of that took two people two full days.

The Littlest Rooster, who I guess is gonna need a real name now, and his mama, Gwen

In the midst of all that, there’s this poor little baby chick who just isn’t quite right – he isn’t developing right and his legs very often don’t work. His feathers aren’t in. It’s been cold. His mama is trying to get him all the way to the top of the coop to roost and he can’t even walk a straight line for two feet.

I told myself not to get attached – give him vitamins and check on him periodically but nature’s gonna have to do what nature does here because we aren’t equipped to have a paraplegic house chicken who needs daily physical therapy and to be hand-fed. (And I know, because *we’ve done that before.* And we shouldn’t have, at least not as long as we did, not once we could see she wasn’t really getting any better.)

Incredibly, this miniature turkey of a rooster is not only still alive, *he’s actually walking better* these past few days. He could possibly even get away in case of predators… slower ones. He’s still wonky and mama’s about done mama-ing, but he might have a fighting chance, and wow, is he a fighter. And against my better judgment, I’ve gotten attached :/

I’ve been referring to him as the Littlest Rooster, but I guess since he’s determined to stick around, we’re gonna have to name him. (He fell into a posthole today. It was a very snug fit and quite a challenge getting him out. It is *always something* lol… but I’m taking suggestions for names!)

Then my car blew a head gasket because of course it did – you know, the one I just had to replace the engine in earlier this year. And then there was a dog fight when our tenant’s dog *jumped the damned fence* to come after Roo. Roo’s hips have been bothering her pretty badly for a couple of months now, but she managed to defend herself pretty well, I guess. But to that general ailment we added some nicks and gouges and a missing dewclaw. And of course Mike, who works with his hands, was at ground zero for the fight and tried to break it up… with his hands. Because of course he did.

Then there was *another* dog fight a couple of days ago because they don’t make enough spiritual baths to navigate all this shit around here unscathed. (The tenant had put up plastic sheeting so his dog couldn’t see our dog and would stop playing Houdini. The plastic sheeting got between the latch mechanism and she just nudged the door with her face and came straight at Roo.) This time Roo’s missing several patches of fur and a lot of the skin that used to be under that fur AND the tip of her ear. My anxiety is not great and I’m doing the hypervigilance thing every time I hear a peep out of that dog. But at least we avoided having to go to the emergency vet or anything, ’cause they pretty much charge you $300 just to walk in the door :/

And then of course fall gardening and winter prep and deciding which bit of property line to fence next based on what seems like the biggest current threat… you know, everyday stuff.

Meanwhile, the quest continues to get everything of Seraphin Station’s transferred over to a new system and then to get all the systems talking to each other properly. There are still a few feathers sticking out here and there, but we’re nearing the home stretch – I can *see* the bottom of the inboxes now and I’ve manually cleaned up a lot of the stuff where the systems aren’t talking to each other. We’re getting things labeled and attached to/associated with the proper other things, and our new system might kind of be starting to make sense now. Mostly.

I’m still working on finding all notes and photos to catch up on reports and consults I owe folks, and I found a few more last night, so there should be more progress on that end today. I might even manage to actually update the services queue finally (wince). Well, we’ll see what I manage.

If you’re thinking, “Didn’t you just say all this a couple of months ago?” Why yes, yes, I did. That platform we were using didn’t work out because it was randomly eating some things, duplicating others, and generally making more work for us. But in transferring things over, you guessed it, a lot of stuff didn’t transfer, so now we have lists full of project cards that have titles like “new unassigned email” and the body text where all of the info should be contains nothing but an email address – *our* email address. So there’s lots and lots of stuff we have to investigate and dig for and do manually and it sucks. (And the learning curve on some of this stuff…)

But we’re getting there 🙂

A few quick notes about contact:

You are still welcome to PM me on Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, and/or Discord if you’re a client who’s been invited there, but please only do this for things that have nothing to do with an order or booking for goods or services and for things that are not urgent. If it’s about your order or booking, or your account, or your ongoing case – if I need to look something up in your file or write something down – then we need to have that convo via email so the details don’t end up spread out among three or more different sites that don’t talk to each other. You can email directly or use the contact form at the website, either way is fine.

Also, my internet still blows and I get stuck with none at all quite often. But Sonia can catch me up on situations and pass on a message to you, and she can make sure I follow up on something when I do get back online, so it really is in your best interest to use email or the contact form to ensure your message doesn’t slip between the cracks. (Obviously with Etsy stuff we have to deal with Etsy’s platform, but other than that, yeah.)

And (God willing) I’ll be caught up soon and can get back to these half-a-dozen draft posts with some actually useful info/content in them and finally get them published. I mean, I know everybody loves looking at my chicken pictures (lol), but I imagine that’s not what most folks are here for 🙂

Vendredi Fou Sale

Our Vendredi Fou sale is now live (our version of Black Friday/Cyber Monday), now through November 29th, at both and Etsy. You don’t need a coupon code – the 10% discount on most tangible items is automatic.

You won’t see items show up as on sale at the main shop, but you’ll see the discount during checkout.

If you see something that you think should be in the sale and isn’t, feel free to inquire – I had to fight with both platforms to get this thing going given how incredibly slow my internet connection is right now. (It rained yesterday, and Century Link’s DSL cables can’t handle that. Because they’re *aboveground.* Getting trampled by passing cattle and shit.)

2X Bonus rewards points at for the duration of the sale. Shipping is free at Etsy for orders over $35, and shipping at is $5 flat rate for just about everything, regardless of weight, to U.S. destinations (some heavy and/or fragile items like vigil candles excluded).

Slaying Dragons: Mars in Scorpio Community Altar Service (Oct 31-Dec 13)

Big Lucky Hoodoo

My internet has been complete garbage the past couple of days, so I’m late posting this to various social media spots, for which I apologize!

Mars takes two years to make its journey around the sun, and as the planet of drive and action, it’s often described in terms related to the archetypal hero’s journey – the knight sets forth, has adventures, slays a dragon and all, and ultimately returns homedifferent, having gained or learned something or grown in some way.

This two-year cyclebegan anew earlier in October when the sun conjoined Mars on October 7th. Then the sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd, heralding what is shaping up to be a pretty darned eventful “Scorpio season,” astrologically speaking. The sun is joined by Mars entering Scorpio for the first time in two years on October 30-31st (depending on where you live). Scorpio is Mars’ domicile or home…

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Angry Angels and Saints Who Smite

Dusting off this article from 2013 because someone asked about St. Michael and punitive miracles.

Big Lucky Hoodoo

I’m posting this as a blog entry 1. because I can’t seem to comment on Mama Cat’s blog (maybe she turned off comments or my browser is jacked up), and 2. I don’t want to take over her blog with my rambling anyway. Anyway, this is in response to her blog post here. I just want to chime in on the “saints punishing you” thing (if you read this whole thing, you’ll see that I am not disagreeing with her – I’m just elaborating).

People tend to think of saints as benevolent entities, close to God, involved in helping the devoted. Actually, there is an extremely long tradition of punitive miracles even in quite orthodox Catholic practice. I go into this a bit in this blog post. If you read the Old Testament, it’s full of them; God smote the hell out of all kinds of people, and…

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