Short Fuse for Super-Exalted Mars Protection and Victory Talismanic Materia

In the wee hours of 3 March at my location, Mars will be super-exalted – perfectly within the very degree of his exaltation in Capricorn. He’s on the ascendant and conjunct Venus, and the ruler of the ascendant is in a strong first house position. The waxing moon is applying sextile to Venus and then Mars. 

All of this is in place for less than 30 minutes.

Exalted is nice. Super-exalted is even better, and the necessary astrological conditions for being able to make talismanic materia when Mars is super-exalted are *way* less common.

So you can understand why I need at least a rough “headcount” of how much *stuff* I need to prep in this very narrow window to capture this very powerful moment in the celestial “climate.” I have to prep as much as possible in advance and I can’t add a bunch of stuff at the last minute 🙂

The result – talismanic materia magica you can use in future workings for courage, victory over adversaries, and protection from calamities like violence, fire, crime, and accidents.

Talk about a fiery wall of protection. This super-exalted Mars is no joke.

Available in oil or candle form.

I will make a few extra of everything if I can, so there might be opportunities to get these later, but if you want to guarantee that you get one, I wouldn’t wait.

(There will almost certainly be some oil not already spoken for this time tomorrow. Might not be able to say the same about the candles, though.)

Read more or reserve yours now at Seraphin Station.

3X Rewards Program points right now, too.