Tonight: Community honey jar services, Ss. Cosmas and Damian service for physical, spiritual, mental healing

Ss. Cosmas and Damian service for petitions related to health and healing (both physical and spiritual), casting off evil, removal of crossed conditions, and protection from plague and other illness.

Cosmas and Damian were twin brothers who were practicing physicians in the 3rd century and treated their patients at no charge, hence their title of “unmercenary” or “silverless.” They have different feast days within different churches and denominations, and in the Orthodox church, in fact, there are considered to be three distinct sets of saints named Cosmas and Damian.  Of course they all have different bios and feast days, as well. As with most saints from the early centuries of the church, there’s very little or nothing in any historical or archaeological record about their lives — we have rather to deal with legend (and subsequent mystical revelation, in some cases).

But these brothers who were doctors, twins, and ultimately martyrs, have for centuries had the reputation for interceding for the faithful who called on them for healing, and numerous miracles have been attributed to them. They are also the patrons of twins, surgeons, and pharmacists, are widely venerated in Brazil as patrons of children in general, and in some houses and temples, are associated with the lwa the Marassa.

The July community honey jars for Relationships/Love and Prosperity/Success also start tonight. As usual, there are Pay What You Can options for the prosperity jar.

The Keys and Crossroads service for St. Peter is still underway as well.

Double rewards points are in effect until midnight.

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flash bonus rewards extended

Since I screwed up and the news didn’t make it from WordPress land to Facebook land until the bonus period was almost over, I extended it through midnight tonight: you can get 2X reward program points for any purchases made at Seraphin Station.

You can read more about the rewards program here. It’s free to join, it’s not complicated, and I am always trying to think up new ways folks can earn points without having to spend money.

Reviews and testimonials are a big one. I will give you a ton of points for writing a review or testimonial I can use on the site. Left a Facebook comment a while back and it’s okay if i use it as a testimonial? Great, email me and give me the link or tell me how to find it and I’ll go in and manually award you the points now.

Left a product rating on the product’s actual website page instead of through the contact form? Or left a review on Etsy? Great, email me and let me know and I’ll manually award you the points.

Don’t mind reviewing but don’t want your real name associated with something your mother would have a heart attack about? No problem – just tell me what initials or whatever to put instead.

Want to write a second review a month later and the system won’t give you the points a second time? Email me – I will (within reason – if the whole site has nothing but one person’s reviews, that’s gonna defeat the purpose lol)

Social media is *everything* these days. Seriously – people have to know you exist and talk about you and link to you and visit you before Google will yawn, glance over, grudgingly acknowledge that you might be a shapeless blob over there in the corner, and deign to allow you to turn up in some search results eventually.

Etsy’s algorithms for how visible your items are in search results involve a lot of mysterious things, but one of them is “likes”/”hearts,” according to people who have been doing this a lot longer than I have. It factors in whether people are clicking to leave social evidence that they like something you have.

You know what convinces people who don’t know you that you have something worth checking out? Their sense that other people are checking it out. Most people don’t want to be first.

And so if you take the time to help me get Seraphin Station’s name out there in this baffling and rapidly changing digital world where everything is evaluated by strings of code, I damn sure will take the time to reward you for it. If you don’t mind being first and leaving evidence that you were so somebody else doesn’t have to be, I’ll throw reward points around like confetti and come up with more cool things to redeem them for to the best of my ability.

(And I take suggestions. You want me to bake you cookies? It’s possible we could figure out a way to make that work as a reward. You want me to spend a few hours one Saturday troubleshooting your altar setup plans with you over videoconferencing? That’s not impossible. Do you want me to design you a custom vigil candle with a sigil on it that is indecipherable to the ignorant but that contains both legitimate medieval grimoire elements *and* a snarky Latin bit designed to take the piss out of your roommate? Not out of the realm of possibility. If you think of something, holler and suggest it.)

Flash Bonus Rewards Points + New Stuff

Earn 2X rewards on all purchases made through midnight. Read more.

Recently Added:

Chuparosa – Hummingbird Oil

Chuparosa formulas made their way into hoodoo from south of the border, and this delightful oil is named for the hummingbird as a symbol of serious, committed, faithful love. The hummingbird has long history in Mexican folk magic, one that once involved using actual hummingbirds. The hummingbirds didn’t come out the other side of this intact. Read more.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help tinwork altar ornament

This handmade ornament is intended to evoke the Blessed Mother’s elegance and grace but without removing all the rough edges and scuff marks that are part of this icon’s history and that characterize the fabric of her devotees’ genuine lived lives. Read more.

I hate the new block editor in WordPress. It took me a whole 24 hours to get this post finished. It keeps eating my captions when I adjust images, and i have no idea how to get things where I want them. The things i want are always grayed out or don’t work. Yes, I read the freakin’ instructions. Right now this caption is twice the width of the image, which I cannot move or adjust for some reason. Not a fan.

Flash Bonus Rewards: 48 Hours Only

For the next 48 hours at the Seraphin Station storefront, you can earn 50 bonus points in the Rewards program. That means you get whatever points you would normally get per dollar spent, but you also get 50 bonus points on top of that if you spend $20 or more.

The Rewards program will also give you the option to get a bunch of points for filling out a profile, visiting a web page, referring a friend, stuff like that. Just takes a few seconds, and you can use them right away if you want to. The only one right now that you can’t use immediately is the one for 30% off a mojo or paket. You need to allow up to 48 hours from redeeming that reward to have a code manually generated and sent to you to use at checkout. But everything else you should be able to use right away.

There might still be some feathers sticking out as I haven’t had that many people check out using the program, so do email if something doesn’t seem to be working right and I’ll look into it.