ISO an old family remedy: Florida, gopher grass, prostrate sandmat/spurge?

My mother suddenly remembered that her grandmother, who lived in Pensacola, used to pick what she called gopher grass to take off warts. She said it grew in her backyard and she used to apply the little roundish leaves directly to warts, but she wasn’t sure how she made them stick – “maybe spit,” she said. Well, my search for “gopher grass” wasn’t turning up anything too promising as a match, but my mother said she would recognize it if she saw it again.

Well, she thinks she found some today and she sent me a picture. I believe this is Euphorbia prostrata, prostrate sandmat or ground spurge. In poking around, I found a very few plants in the Southeast that have been called “gopher grass,” but none of them look anything like this.

So I’m hoping the internet can help me out, and I’m especially keen to hear from folks in the Southeastern U.S. and most especially in/around northern Florida. Anybody heard of a gopher grass that looks anything like this? Or heard anything *else* being called gopher grass in that area? Anybody heard of it being used for warts?