website forms broken – here’s a workaround

Wow, today is glitch city. I’m working on fixing this thing now too. Just hang on to your petitions until I figure this out. Or if you want to be away from the computer for the rest of the week, and/or other worst case scenario, just email to

I’ll post an update or a workaround as soon as I can.

update 7:30 p.m. Central:

I’m waiting on a help desk ticket. In the meantime, please use the following older intake forms as a backup until I get this sorted out.

Community spiritual services (e.g. community honey jars, St. Joseph service)

Private light setting services

Spiritual First Aid sessions

Contact form/general queries

Customization info form

3 thoughts on “website forms broken – here’s a workaround

  1. There may be an issue with shipping options as well. I just ordered the St. Expedite Box and was offered the “free shipping on orders over $150” option. I had this happen with the skull box too when I ordered that last summer. (Need to update my petition on that or something, but will get to that shortly in another email once the contact form is working again since it’s a separate issue.) I wasn’t sure what to select and just selected the free option but am happy to send you the correct amount via PayPal. I just wasn’t sure what to choose.


    1. I can’t find what’s wrong to save my life. I have looked in every setting I can think of. I can’t figure it out. I appreciate the heads up, though – maybe one day I’ll get the hang of how to drive this thing (sigh)


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