Moment of Truth: Mercury conjunct Venus and Pluto Service

Lights will be set beginning on December 29, but the effects of this transit will be felt for some time yet, so there’s definitely wiggle room with booking late. 

Normally, Mercury conjunct Venus is great – we can be smooth talkers, communicate clearly with business associates and loved ones, confess our love for someone, even “pop the question.”

But Venus is doing a long sojourn conjunct Pluto this season (for most of December, and the cycle won’t be over until March), and Dec 29-30 are something of a trigger point for an acute phase of this transit. And Pluto? Pluto wants to peel back our layers just about down to the bone so we can face the really deep shit that makes us tick. Taken all together and shaken not stirred, the simplest way to describe this sort of energy is probably “Scorpionic.” On steroids.

You want to rip off the bandage, rifle through the disavowed junk drawers of your psyche, figure out why you are attracted to a certain type of person, why you repeat a certain type of pattern, even why you like a certain type of thing in bed? Want to sit down and grill your significant other about deep and foundational elements of your history and dynamic together, no matter how uncomfortable? Super! This transit is perfect for you and wow, are you ever gonna learn a lot.

Not quite ready to wrench the door off the closet and greet the psychic skeletons all at once? Is digging for the “truth” at any and all cost not your cup of tea, and maybe you’re more of a one-trauma-at-a-time versus let’s-dump-the-whole-suitcase-out-right-now type? Are you feeling a little more John than Sherlock where it comes to emotions and dynamics [BBC versions]? Then pay attention and tread carefully.

This is dark stuff in the realm of Venus – what folks sometimes call “shadow work,” and all about what makes us tick in terms of our subjective experiences, likes and dislikes, what we find pleasure in, what is at the root of various feelings we have. Of course it doesn’t have to be catastrophic – much depends on us and our development and our own natal chart stuff. And this can be an opportunity to finally really grok some things and get at what we really want (and Pluto would generally like to inform us that if we think we already know this, we are wrong, and he has some revelations for us… and Pluto’s revelations are rarely kind and gentle). Pluto’s transformative power is immense, and Pluto aims to transform our minds and our hearts so that there are no secrets between them.

But the light side to all this shadow is that we can come out of this with profound new self-knowledge that enables us to transform our relationships – with ourselves, with money, with others – and it’s the kind of knowledge that can enable us to truly and efficiently “cut and clear” so that we aren’t wasting our energy and time with things that no longer fit or serve well. And then, of course, we can turn that energy and time towards what will in 2022.

This service is designed to help you navigate this Plutonian guidance with grace, equilibrium, and compassion (for yourself as well as others).

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

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