Chicken Coop Sale

No, we aren’t selling chicken coops! We need to fix ours, stat, so I’ve put pretty much everything on sale for a few days, at both Etsy and, to encourage folks to have a look around and restock any spiritual supplies they might be running low on.

It’s hurricane season on the Gulf Coast, and while we’ve just gotten rain so far (and the slow AF internet to go with it), there’s always something new headed our way. Plus we have two broody hens, and I wasn’t gonna let them hatch any more chicks after our rooster ratio got out of control, but then Joe and Pretty Boy both died in that predator attack and… ugh, it’s just been a really hard year on the chicken front, and I just couldn’t bring myself to try to break them of being broody right now.

This is all to say that we have some repairs we need to make to the coop ASAP. And if you haven’t had the need to price any lumber lately, well, it’s gone up since this pandemic crap started. A LOT.

So I’ve posted a sale at both Etsy and, good now until midnight Central on the 31st on just about everything (services and a few items with pretty much no profit margin built in are excluded). You don’t need a code or anything, but at the main site, the discounts don’t show up until you add the item to your cart.

ETA: Glenn also says my proofreading game is weak. He’s not wrong about that either.

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