Last call for Mercury conjunct Chiron healing service

Phase I of the Mercury Conjunct Chiron community altar work healing service began this morning. There’s a little window of time where you can still join up, but it’s closing tonight at midnight Central.

This is multi-phase work spanning a bit over a month, and you need to have all the phases or there’s no point. So once phase I is over, that’s it – there’s no way to squeeze in. You can read more about it or book a spot at Seraphin Station.

Those of you who booked earlier will get your Discord links by this evening, God willing – we had an appointment with the ISP repair person yesterday, but they never showed up. And it’s been raining all day today. So the altar work is going fine, since it doesn’t need electricity or wifi, but the emailing – not so smoothly šŸ™‚

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