internet still not cooperating

I’m trying to get a service appointment with the ISP now. [*]

All of my systems are web or cloud based – customer database, bookkeeping, shipping, customer relationship management, communication platforms, payment processing, all of it. So I’m behind on all of that. But before you get all shirty about an order you expected to have in your hands by now, please keep in mind that 8 tornadoes have hit Alabama so far and at least five people are confirmed dead. We had a bout of insane weather last week, too. *People are dead* and services have been disrupted. So please try to keep a sense of perspective if you don’t have your Van Van oil yet, ok? Thank you!

[*] The DSL line is supposed to be buried. But they were doing road work out here for well over a year, including making the road wider and installing some drainage, so for ages, every time the wind blew wrong or a cow ambled by, the internet would stop working, ’cause the line was just sitting there out in the open, laid across 300 feet of no-longer-fenced-in pasture fronting the road.

They finished paving the road a few months ago. But the DSL line still isn’t buried. It rains, the internet stops working. Cow comes back by, internet stops working. Hold your mouth wrong, internet stops working. Ugh.

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