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Started a page listing out all my formulas by name. Who knows how long it will take me to get everything posted and pretty, but at least folks wondering about such and such formula can get an idea about whether I even make it or not.

Still no individual listings on every bath crystal, but you can get at least one option in most categories now, and you can get a full selection of bath crystals in the categories Money & Luck or Love & Lust.

And finally got a few candles listed, including some of my not-always-quite-reverent designs for vigil candles with vintage and antique holy card and emblem art on them.

Er, this one still needs some work.

I’ll be putting up individual listings for these explaining what they mean/are for eventually.

4 thoughts on “New at website

    1. I started replying to this last night and got called away before I finished. I guess, ’cause I see no sign of posting the comment lol

      it was to say that i’m looking at a bottle of it on my desk right now. I just haven’t gotten product shots and uploaded yet. I rambled on about how product shots and product listings take me 20 times longer now than they used to, and i won’t repeat all that, but I did have a question in the midst of it all.

      I hate Chinese Wash in HDPE (“frosted,” not clear) plastic bottles. But this formula contains way too high a ratio of essential oils to package it in PET plastic (it will start breaking the plastic down very quickly). But packaging it in glass jacks the price up something awful (and the shipping costs).

      Am i the only one bothered by HDPE plastic here? Am i being silly to fixate on it?
      Or should I package it in glass? Do you have any thoughts here?


      1. OMG OMG OMG just noticed you have a Chinese Wash listing up, and now I have to order it.

        I had a bottle of Chinese Wash that I bought from you way back in the day, and it was in the “not clear” plastic bottle. It lasted however many years I had it without any detectable deterioration or ill effects (for me, not for the potential demons it was keeping out of my house), and I milked it until it was bone dry.

        The plastic really doesn’t bother me. If it’s an issue of the plastic not holding up well over time, though… I’d just as soon repurpose one of the half dozen glass Crown bottles lying around my cupboard than paying a fortune in shipping or having it jack up your production costs to the point of making it unaffordable for you to make.

        Receiving something in plastic doesn’t bother me on any “pet peeve and personal aversion” level lol.

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  1. thank you for your feedback, so much. The clear plastic won’t hold up, but the not-clear plastic should hold up well, even though I upped the amount of essential oils in this formula a bit when I reformulated it this year.* I guess it just looks so cheap to me, that HDPE plastic – but even if I do offer it in glass, I would want to offer it in plastic too, because every ounce counts when you’re overseas having things shipped. I used to have tons of overseas customers, but shipping rates have basically quadrupled since then, and I would honestly encourage everybody who can shop in their own country for conjure supplies to do so for several reasons — but not everybody can, and I don’t want to make things further out of reach than necessary for folks who need to have stuff sent overseas. I really wanted to move away from plastic with Seraphin Station, but it’s proven untenable, at least for now.

    *(I have tweaked just about all of my soap/wash/spray formulas – in part because I did enough reading about manufacturer disclosure re hydrosols, customer and maker ignorance and confusion about all kinds of things, esp. preservatives and esp. hydrosols, cosmetic labeling laws and FDA rules on colorants, etc to send me back to the drawing board so I can take *zero* chances that my formulas will ever deliver you a nice spritz of mold or bacteria along with your conjure goodness… and in part because I can’t find hard data on what putting actual leafy herbs into an otherwise anhydrous castile soap will do to shelf life/stability (anhydrous at least when it leaves my shop, before the customer opens it in the shower, dilutes it, leaves the cap off, puts their fingers in it, etc lol). It of course depends on what herb you’re talking about, to a certain extent, too… and I know some creators do this by brewing the herbs into tea that is included in the final formula, and that might be the way to go, but then I’ve got to test different preservatives, sigh… and maybe I should just stick solely to bar soaps, I start to think. But the convenience of liquid, at least for some things, is ultra desirable.

    Basically I think I have to completely change the formula for Can’t Cross Me to be on the safe side, and while I nearly have an updated version of CTL/ALT/SMITE ready for product testing, I did have to change some things there too. And then I’ve had oddly meh luck with some EO suppliers that used to be incredibly reliable/trustworthy – and that’s got me going to larger companies that both do gas chromatography testing *and* publish the results, but they’re more expensive as suppliers. When it comes to stuff people are putting on their bodies or spraying in the air, though, I just can’t play around. “Loved your Van Van soap except for the filamentous fungi and gram positive bacteria! Also your shipping time sucked! Three stars!” lol

    And we’re just gonna have to see if the volume I’m working at means it’s even feasible to break even on some of this stuff. And at this rate I don’t know if an updated version of Can’t Cross Me is even feasible in the foreseeable future. This stuff is actually *really hard* sometimes lol…

    Even with pricier suppliers for many EOs and hydrosols, though, packaging is quite often an outsized factor that makes a huge difference in my cost and thus in retail price. So your feedback on this is so incredibly valuable to me – I really appreciate it. I found some adorable bottles I hope I can afford to go with for real for perfume-strength type stuff that gets smaller packages, though… you’ll be getting some of those pretty soon as samples so you can let me know!

    Thanks again!


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