perfumes, colognes, waters, product testing

Ok, where all y’all at who *didn’t* come up mixing up the exotic essential oils and hand blended stuff but in your house, y’all use Kolonia 1800 and M & L Rue Cologne and if it was bright orange or the color of antifreeze, that meant it was legit? Who can tell the difference between Crusellas and Murray & Lanman smelling it blindfolded? ‘Cause I need some of y’all to volunteer to get some free shit in the mail from me and give me some feedback on it 

I’ve spent *weeks* now reworking some of my formulas in light of half a dozen different things, and there’s a real question to be asked, I think, of whether it’s even worth making some of this stuff given how much more it’s always gonna cost for somebody like me to make it vs. some company that can wholesale and store 500 gallons of ingredients at a time. It needs to be worth making for some other reason. And it occurs to me that I don’t need to keep asking only the people who always go with the handmade option. I need to also be asking the people who often do *not* go with the handmade option, I’m thinking.

In any case, product testing is afoot, and if you’re willing to be a guinea pig, holler. But this batch of stuff has all been very expensive, so I’m gonna be salty if I send you free shit and I don’t get feedback – fair warning! Some of these decisions are going to have to do with laws and chemistry and plant profiles, too, so if you aren’t sure you’d have much to say besides “it smells good,” maybe sit this one out. There will definitely be more product testing later where “it smells good” will be quite valuable feedback, but this isn’t that batch of products lol

ETA: You can now sign up to be a product tester using this form

5 thoughts on “perfumes, colognes, waters, product testing

  1. I’ll volunteer! I might be useful here because unless a homemade formula really blows my mind, I will absolutely buy the mass-produced, free Prime shipping product. On the other hand, I’m loyal af to products that do blow my mind, your Cool Heads, Warm Hearts spray being top of the list.


    1. Awesome. You are *exactly* who I want for this. And Cool Heads, Warm Hearts is one of the formulas I really want feedback on 🙂 You might get five different versions lol


      I’m trying to figure out the simplest way to communicate with my product testers this round – maybe an email list so nobody has to remember some password or go on FB if they don’t want to. Hmm. Individual emails for a group this size, I’m bound to lose somebody’s address lol


      1. I signed up today. I will absolutely spray tf out of five versions of Cool Heads, Warm Hearts, lol. My husband even asked when you were bringing it back!


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