In theory, our ISP fixed our broken line or whatever Friday evening.

They also replaced our modem.

In practice, the internet is now about as fast as me tethering my phone to get online. (That’s not very fast in case your phone is not an antique like mine.) And I randomly get booted off for random amounts of time.

The cable that is supposed to be buried is not buried because of the road paving that has taken a year at this point. And they aren’t even done grading the road. So the cable is just lying there on top of the dirt waiting for a truck or a dog or a meteor or some oblivious kid on a dirt bike to run over it and render our decrepit DSL totally non-functional.

Grr. Anyway, so after a week, I finally kind of have internet again if you squint and are very patient, and I’m spending some of my Sunday indoors to try to get caught up on the communication and updating stuff that was too hard to do on my phone last week.

So it’s not the speed of light, but I’ll get there eventually.

Also, does Alabama have a non-fuzzy, green-pod-having version of meadow vetchling? or what the hell am i looking at?


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