Some Southern Gothic Reading for Your Downtime

This is cool as hell. It doesn’t seem finished — or rather, it reads like an excerpt of something longer, and I haven’t poked enough buttons on the site it’s on to figure out if it was continued — but if you’re here for the weird and wonderful lore of the Deep South, give this one your time. ‘Cause we couldn’t make stuff like this up if we tried… but when you’re from these parts, you don’t have to.

Daddy often prophesied about the end of days and always shouted in tongues. There was also some laying-on of hands and some casting out of demons. It all fell just short of snake handling, though.

The Southern Gothic Childhood That Kickstarted a Cult, by Heather Peters Candela
From The Folklore Project: A Collection of Personal Essays from the American South at The Bitter Southerner

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